How to Do the 369 Manifestation Method by Writing Easily

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How to do the 369 Manifestation Method by writing

What is 369 Manifestation Method Theory ?

369 Manifestation Method or 369 method Manifestation is a technique to Manifest your desires by writing them on paper 3 times in morning , 6 times in mid day and 9 times in the night for 33-45 days .

After listening about this 369 Manifestation method on many social platforms are you curious to know, how to do the 369 Manifestation method or what is this 369 method Manifestation and how does 369 Manifestation method really works ? [ CHECK : How to Manifest Something ]

Such questions may be arising in Your mind . If Yes ! then don’t worry after reading this article your all doubts will definitely be solved .

You must have heard about the most renowned and successful scientist of the world Nikola Tesla . He has done many amazing discoveries including Tesla coil , induction motor and remote control etc.

Apart from this he had discovered many unusual things , one of them is the ” Tesla’s Theory about the number 3 6 9 “ Tesla theory about the number 369 says that This number is really related to energy and the universe .

Nikola said ;

If you knew the magnificence of 3 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe.


Though it’s not proved that this is a quote by Tesla but people believe in it .

Why Only 3 6 9 ?

Tesla feels these numbers important because :

When you multiply any integer to another number composed of only 3 , 6 and 9 and sums up the digits you will always get a number 3 or 6 or 9 .

example :

3 × 4 = 12 ; Sum of the digits = 2+1 = 3

96 × 8 = 768 ; Sum of the digits = 7+6+8 = 21 ; 2+1 = 3

6396 × 12 = 76752 ; Sum of the digits = 7+6+7+5+2 = 27 ; 2+7 = 9

999×870 = 869130 ; Sum of the digits = 8+6+9+1+3+0 = 27 ; 2+7 =9

There are many other reasons as well but I think you have came here to learn mainly how to do the 369 Manifestation method . That’s why we are not discussing about them. Without any further delay , let’s learn how to do the 369 Manifestation method

How to do the 369 Manifestation Method by Writing on Paper ?

We can Manifest Anything by 369 method in 7 simple steps . Below are those 7 Steps :

  1. Decide what you really want
  2. Make a Affirmation
  3. Write the Affirmation 3 times
  4. Write the Affirmation 6 times
  5. Write the Affirmation 9 times
  6. Repeat for 33 days
  7. Believe in the process

Decide What you Really Want

Deciding What You really want is one of the most important step in Learning how to do the 369 manifestation method .

Now , you would say that what is so important about deciding what you want ? Because everyone who came here to learn how to do the 369 Manifestation method , definitely knew their desire that’s why they are here .

But the important thing here is , how you see your desire !

You should think positively and should not think about what you don’t want . Because if you think about Something to not to happen then you are indirectly Manifesting it to happen .

Let’s not make it complicated , and let me tell you that “Don’t think about a red elephant !” , But what happened just now ? You have thought about the red elephant. The same happens When you are desiring for something to not to happen .

So, have a clear goal and don’t think about what you don’t want . Just focus on what you want .

Make a Affirmation

Here , Making a affirmation means converting your desire in textual a form . When you know clearly that what you want then the second step to Learn how to do the 369 Manifestation method is to make a Affirmation

Writing your desire seems to be a very easy task . But in 369 method for Manifestation it must be done in a proper way .

Like most people write their desire like , ” I want my desire ” or ” I need my desire ” . But to be effective you should add a emotion as well . As these above examples doesn’t have any emotional touch therefore they’ll not generate much positive energy .

You should include emotions in your Affirmation like , ” I am thankful to universe for giving me my desire “ or ” I’m happy to get my desire Completed “ .

Writing the Affirmation 3 Times

This is the simple step towards learning how to do the 369 Manifestation method . In This step you have write your Affirmation made in the previous section . The condition is you have to write it thrice just after waking up and taking the time to write atleast 17 seconds .

Now questions arises , why just after waking up ? and Why taking the time atleast 17 seconds ?

Answer is very simple , When you wakes up your mind is very fresh and accept everything easily . So , when you write your Affirmation , it agrees upon that Affirmation and generates the positive vibration that makes Universe believe that you deserve it .

The reason behind time period 17 or more than 17 seconds is Abraham Hick’s rule of 17 seconds which says :

17 seconds of pure thought is the ignition point of manifesting. If you hold a thought for 17 seconds, you set in motion that manifestation “

Abraham hick

The purpose behind this rule is to get you to think purely for 17 seconds

So , when you take 17 second to write your one Affirmation , then you Also thinks about it and then it works.

Writing the Affirmation 6 Times

This step is same as previous method but here two things changed . One is , the timing ; now you have to write your Affirmation in the mid day or afternoon and instead of writing the Manifestation 3 times ( as in previous step ) here you have to write your Affirmation 6 times . That’s all .

Writing the Affirmation 9 Times

Again the same process repeats with the same variations . This time you have to write your Affirmation 9 times just before sleeping . So , here also applies the similar logic as in the morning . When you goes to sleep and writes your Affirmation two effects helps Your 369 manifestation process.

One is , when you are just about to sleep , this is the time when you are concius and your subconscious mind is active the most . So , it helps us to create more positive vibrations .

Second is , when you recall your desire Just before bed , then that though remains in your subconscious mind for the whole night and makes more and more positive vibration

Repeat for 33 Days

Now you have to repeat the same schedule for the next 33 days strictly . But why exactly 33 days ?

The reason is not that much clear but one of the reason behind this is : 33 can be divided in two parts 3 and 3 and when you sums up 3 with itself it gives 6 and when you take 3 times 3 then you get 9 .

Mathematically ;

33 ; 3+3 = 6

33 ; 3×3 = 9

So , here it again makes the desired number that is 3 6 9 .

Believing in the process

When it comes to believing in this method and the universe it may be a little bit doubtful .

But to get success in Learning how to do the 369 Manifestation method , you should completely believe in the process and the universe . Because if you are not believing in this process , then though you do everything perfectly but still you’ll get nothing .

but why is it so ? The reason is as simple as the bright light of the day . When you are doubting the process but want it to get the desired results the you are just wasting your time .

As I have explained you before about this , when you You wish for something to not to happen unknowingly you are Manifesting it to happen .

So , have a complete faith in this process to get the desired results.

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Bonus Tips :

Have patience : Being impatient will disturb your energy Flow and will interup the process . So , don’t think about the results . Or don’t think about how will it happen. Simply believe that , yes ! That will happen .

Let it go : don’t keep your Affirmation slips . Through them somewhere at a natural place like in a river or in the rain or in the fire . And Then assume that you are sending those Affirmations to the universe . That will help you to believe in the process .

Visualize the Affirmation : Whenever you write your Affirmation anytime , don’t just write them but also visualize the condition . When I say : ” sky ” it makes a picture of sky in your mind but not the spelling of sky . That means , our brain understand the visuals better than text .

Visualize in present : You may have observed that those Affirmation statements were in present tense . But why ?

Because for our subconscious mind something happening in your imagination and same thing happening in real are the same . Therefore will produce the same energy in both cases . And send the universe the signs that we deserve that thing.

Here , you have completely learned that how to do the 369 Manifestation method by writing on paper . Now go and start today . And don’t hesitate to comment below About how you felt to read the article and from when you’ll start the 369 Manifest method . Feel free to clear any doubt in the comments .

I hope you have got what you were searching for . I have tried my best to explain you everything in a short and sweet way . I wish you’ll get your desires Completed as soon as possible by the universe .

Keep Smiling !

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