How To Increase Money Energy : 7 Basic But Quickest Steps

Everyone in this world needs money . Even you and me are also here because we want to earn money . And there is nothing wrong in it because money is a positive thing that can be used in many good ways for us as well as for others .

But why there are only a few who have the abundance of money ?

The answer is simple , because they have something that is always needed to make money .

So, there are two main factors that works in manifesting money . First is , physical efforts or hard work and second is , aligning with the vibration of money .

If someone have these two qualities then he will never lack money .

In today’s world , everybody tries to do hard work for getting money . Even a sweeper in your office would be working more harder than you . But you get paid more than them because , with hardwork you also have the vibration to attract money .

There may be a doubt in your mind that if this concept of ” MONEY ENERGY ” is true then how all those people have money those who even don’t know anything about money energy ?

Although they don’t know anything about energy of money , but unknowingly they are aligned with the right energy of abundance .

It was possible because they were lucky enough to be aligned with the right money energy , but why take the risk ? Let’s learn how to increase money energy flow and be assured to always be in the right money energy .

How to Increase Money Energy Flow in 7 steps

There may be many ways to increase your money energy flow but after a thorow research I’ve sorted out 7 basic but quickest steps to increase money energy flow .

Here they are :

  1. Aligning With Right Vibration of Money
  2. Remove the Energy Blocking Beliefs
  3. Repeat The Positive Beliefs
  4. Don’t Focus On Negatives
  5. Try Money Manifestation
  6. Feel The Future
  7. Practice Gratitude

Let’s have a deep look at all of them one by one :

1. Aligning With Right Vibration of Money

Now , we know that money is energy and we can manifest more money by increasing the flow of money energy .

Basically there are two types of money energy believe system that decides our Vibration of money ;

  1. Old money energy system
  2. New money energy system

In old money energy system , the energy flow of money was really negative . In simple words , in the past time people assumed money as a negative thing . Because at that time money was used to suppress the minorities.

Those small proportion of the society that were having money , were the rulers of that time and you very well know that how the rulers of the past behaved to local people .

That means , at that time money was not a symbol of peace . Really , in that time money was negative but now the scenario is totally different .

This is a time of new money energy system in which money is used in a very positive way . Ofcourse nowadays also some people use money in the wrong intentions . But even in the previous time there were people who used money in a good way . That means both aspects were present in both the times but in past the proportion of negative energy was more than the positive and now this is opposite .

Hence , you have to leave the old money energy system and have to adapt the new one .

That’s how you will be able to align with the right money energy system because now money is really a very useful tool for us to do many great things .

So , consider money as a positive asset that can provide you more positivity and happiness .

Money is really a beautiful thing because , firstly , it can provide you the comfort and enjoyment you want and secondly , it allows you to do whatever positive thing you wants to do . Like , traveling the world or eating the food you want or any positive thing that can only be done with money .

2. Remove The Energy Blocking Beliefs

Removing the energy blocking beliefs is very important because by doing so you are actually UNBLOCKING money energy that means you are raising up your positive vibrations . Here , we got another formula that ; the more you remove the money energy blocking beliefs, the more you increases the positive vibrations for money .

To remove the energy blocking beliefs you have to do only one thing , Just replace the old negative beliefs with a new positive belief .

Let’s dig a little more deeper to understand it clearly .

Most of the people consider the process of getting money as a struggle but if we take it as a struggle then we are definitely not going to love the process of achieving money . To create a good energy flow of money you must enjoy the whole journey of achieving that money .

We should consider money as a very useful and positive thing . Actually we even need not to consider , we only have to understand the reality because money is really a beautiful thing .

We have to understand that money can be a useful tool for many things . In todays world money can open up many opportunities for you like leisure , access to technology and to the whole world . You can also use money to make people’s life more better .

Hence , we got the point that we need to change our money mindset and have to shift our belief from seeing money as a struggle to seeing money as a beautiful thing .

So , next time , whenever there is a negative thought in your mind about money , immediately replace it with a positive believe .

Like , If there is a thought in your mind that ” I should quit manifesting money “ or ” I will compromise something rather than doing hard work ” . Then replace that thought with a new thought that , ” money will help me getting what I want ” or ” after getting money I would be able to buy anything I want “

But our thoughts can become our beliefs only if we repeat them multiple times because all our beliefs are built in our subconscious mind .

And our subconscious mind makes anything permanent only if it is repeated multiple times .

So, for replacing a negative believe with a positive one effectively and quickly , you should also practice Affirmations that will help your that believe to remain permanently in your subconscious mind .

3. Repeat the positive believe

One of the most effective and popular technique to repeat something is affirmation .

So , here we will talk about money affirmation specifically .

Money affirmation is the process of repeating some particular kind of words or phrases that lifts up our positive vibrations for money , but those phrases are not true in reality but we only assume them as if we already have achieved them .

We make our mind believe at conscious level that , that particular thing or situation is already with you . This helps you in lifting up your vibrations for that thing and finally you get it really .

Remember , affirmation is not just repeating some words or sentences . It’s really a very very powerful tool in the spiritual world . All you need is to understand how to do affirmation and how it impacts our consciousness .

So , in a nutshell , for practicing affirmations to increase your money energy , you have to firstly set a affirmations or a phrase as if you already have achieved the abundance then repeat it many times in a day .

But don’t only repeat it but aslo feel it everytime whenever you repeat that Affirmation(s) .

One another similar method like affirmation is 369 method in which you write and focus on your any particular desire 3 times in the morning , 6 times in the midday and 9 times before bed . [ CHECK : How to do 369 manifestation Method ? ]

But if someone only repeat some words and doesn’t feel or focus on that thing then any Manifestation technique will be of no use . So , to make that technique effective you have to always imagine and focus on what you are speaking .

Many people makes a mistake here while choosing a positive belief . Sometimes they chooses a negative belief and think as it is positive .

Like , they wish that anything negative should not happen . But finally that same negative thing happens to them

But why is it so ? Let’s find out !

4. Don’t focus on negatives

The answer of that above question can be understood easily with an amazing rule called as , ” Red Elephant Rule “

But what is red elephant rule ?
This rule says that when you think about something to not happen even then you are actually manifesting it to happen .

Like , when you say ; “I don’t want to be short of money”
Even then , you are actually creating vibrations to manifest the lack of money.

Okay ! Let me explain you the secret reason behind all this .

Suppose if I say ” Don’t think about a red elephant ! ” . What had just happened ? I told you to not to think about the red elephant but you thought about it . Even there was a picture of red elephant in your mind .

When you think about something to not happening unknowingly you are manifesting it to happen .

This is so , because our brain firstly tries to recognize that what it don’t have to think about so that next time whenever it encounters with that thing then immediately it can avoid it .

But the moment we thought about it we’ve created vibes to manifest it .

That’s why we should always see money as a positive thing because it will help us to increase the money energy and also decreases the risk to manifesting something that we don’t want .

You can also try money manifestation to increase your money energy .

5. Try Money Manifestation

Actually , the benefit of Manifesting money is very effective . As you want to increase your energy for money and why do you want to increase that energy ? I guess , So that you can achieve more money . Right ..?

Actually , in some or other way , you are here to learn how to increase money energy so that you can manifest money .

So , when you practice money manifestation you not only increases your energy for money but you also increase the chances of getting money because manifestation is consist of many more factors other than energy flow for money .

Those all factors combines with all your other efforts to increase vibrations and that lift up your energy flow level for money to a very higher level.

As a result , finally you will easily be able to manifest money .

6. Feel the Future

Money is energy : how to increase money Energy
Feel the Future

Feel the future means visualizing what you want . Without visualization , any kind of manifestation is incomplete .

Visualizing is so important in manifestation because our brain understand visuals in the best way .

Like , if I say ; ” think about an EGG “. Then you don’t recall the spelling of the egg but the image of the egg .

This confirms us that visuals are the most effective than anything else .

As we all know, our subconscious mind create all the energy flows for manifestation but the fact is our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between a imaginary thing and a thing in real . That means for our subconscious mind both imagination and reality is same .

It means it will create the same energy flow in a imaginary situation and a real situation . The only condition is , our subconscious mind get agreed upon anything that it sees in a visual form . So only visual form is important .

This fact again gave us two points :

  • Our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between reality and imagination .
  • Our subconscious mind understand visuals more better than any other form .

But how is it useful in increasing money energy flow .

Obviously , energy of money can only be generated by our brain . And our brain generate vibes for something if it visualize it in any form .

So , whenever we visualize something as if we already have achieved it , then our brain creates positive vibratins for our that desire ( here , that desire is to increase money energy ) .

You can visualize abundance and joy. But remember , visualize everything as if you already have achieved it .

Now our this process to increase money energy is almost completed but it’s in a condition like we’ve prepared the coffee but haven’t put the sugar in it .

So , what is a sugar for manifestation ? It is a positive feeling that really boosts up our positive vibes.

7. Practice Gratitude

In general , we should always have positive feelings and desires while doing any kind of manifestation .

But our brain is not something like computer that can remember everything everytime . So , we may forgot about including any positive feelings .

That’s why we can decide a particular feeling to practice everytime while doing manifestation.

But that feeling should be something that can be applied in every desire .

So , that feeling is none other than Gratitude . Gratitude can be very effective feeling to increase your money energy .

You must be grateful for four things while doing any kind of manifestation .

Be grateful for :

  1. What you have right now
  2. What you have done for yourself till now
  3. What you are going to do for yourself in the future
  4. What universe is going to give you in the future .

Thanking the universe in advance for everything you will get in the future will increase the energy flow for that thing . Obviously when the flow of energy increase the chances of manifesting that thing also increases .

Actually you should have a gratitude for everything you have and for everyone .

You should be grateful about the money you have . You should be thankful for yourself and the universe for the things that you have bought from the money you have and for the bills you were able to pay by your hardwork .

Finally , let’s revise this whole article in really a quick way .


We should understand the fact that money cannot be achieved by only hardwork . You also need to understand the spritual aspect of money .

So , for increasing money energy you can use 7 steps .

  • 1. Aligning with the right energy : which says be positive about money and consider it as a tool for happiness and joy .
  • 2. Remove the energy blocking beliefs : replace your every Negative thought about money with a positive thought
  • 3. Repeat the positive beliefs : use Affirmation or 369 method to make your any thought your permanent beliefs .
  • 4. Don’t focus on negatives : Don’t even think about ” something negative to not happen ” because you may attract it instead of preventing it .
  • 5. Try money manifestation : try different money Manifestation technique to make the process of getting money more effective .
  • 6. Feel the future : visualize whatever you want as if you already have achieved it .
  • 7. Be grateful : Be grateful for yourself and the universe for whatever you have and will get in the future .

Lastly , enjoy everything in your life and enjoy the journey to get money .

So , now you have completely learned that how to increase money energy and achieve your dream financial stage . But I have one more interesting thing for you .

A Closing Gift

If you have reached here by completing this article then you really worth a gift . If you have read this long article with that much interest then you must be wishing to get most out of this article .

For getting most out of this article you must remember this article . So , for remembering this whole article simple remember this small sentence ;

” A Red Animal Defenced Me From Gorilla “

So , first letter of all the 7 words in this sentence represent 7 steps of this article respectively .

How to increase money Energy shortcut
Shortcut method to remember the steps

HEY ! Are you still here ? That’s great ! Now you know everything about money and energy . I hope you got what you were searching for . I’ve tried my best to explain you everything in a easy to understand way . Though if you have any doubts regarding money energy flow or anything else about manifestation or sprituality feel free to comment below . Also comment , how did you felt to read the article .

Keep loving keep smiling 🙂

At last I would like to share a money is energy quote ;

Your energy is currency .

spend it well ,

Invest it wisely

You can also watch this amazing video to learn more ;

Commonly asked questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about money energy :

Is Money Just A Energy ?

Like everything else is a form of energy in our life , money is also energy . But , we cannot say that money is just energy but nothing else . Getting money is cosist of many other factors as well . Like , hardwork , beliefs etc.

does money have a frequency ?

Ofcourse ! Like everything else in this universe , money also have some frequency that’s the reason we tries to align with the right frequency of money by using manifestation techniques .

What does money represent energetically ?

Energetically , in this universe money has a particular frequency and if we somehow manage to align in that same frequency using any manifestation technique then it will be very easy for us to attract abundance .

Which chakra is responsible for money

In short , your Root Chakra is responsible for for affecting your money and money energy .

What is the best frequency to attract money

Basically the frequency 183.58 Hz is the best frequency to attract money . You can hear it below 👇

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