HOW TO MANIFEST FAME: 9 Killer Steps That Works Perfectly

Do you think, like all other things you can manifest fame also?

The answer is absolutely YES! Because there are many celebrities who have manifested their fame using the law of attraction including Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, and many more.

Now you know that fame can be manifested. But how, exactly you can manifest fame in your life as well?

So, you have to apply total of 9 steps for manifesting fame.

Yeah ! as simple as that. No big deal.

How to manifest Fame and fortune in 9 steps

So, I have divided this whole process into 9 simple steps that can be followed for achieving fame.

Here are they :

  1. Specify what you want
  2. Clarify the why behind it
  3. Believe yourself
  4. Visualize It
  5. Be in the company of successful people
  6. Take actions for it
  7. Don’t think about the outcome
  8. Practice Affirmations
  9. Enjoy the process

Let’s Understand them deeply one by one ;

1. Specify what you want

Fame is not something very specific. It can vary from person to person.

Like, for someone it may be being famous on youtube or TikTok while for someone else it can be being a famous fictional writer.

So, you have to decide specifically which type of fame you want to manifest.

The more specifically you know it, the more focused you are on that thing.

Like, if you want to manifest fame as an author, then in today’s advanced world there are umpteen numbers of possibilities of being famous as an author.

Like, social media, youtube, google, LinkedIn, TikTok, blog, vlog, Ecommerce, books, Ebooks, television, and the count goes on infinitely.

So, like this, you have to choose your sub-category where you want to be famous.

You should not say it like, “I want to be famous as a writer”.

Be specific as much as you can. Because in the later step you also have to visualize yourself in your desire that needs to be specific.

So , rather say it like , “I want to be famous as a fictional writer on youtube

Inshort : Decide exactly where and how you want to be famous.

2. Clarify the why behind it

Understand the reason behind why you want it.

Before starting to manifest fame you must have a positive intention behind this.

If you have a negative intention for which you want to manifest fame then this is clear that you wouldn’t be able to achieve it.

When you have a negative sentiment about something then actually you are creating negative vibes for it and to manifest something you must have only positive vibes.

Because for the universe, negative vibration about anything from you means that you don’t want it at all and as a result universe fulfills your desire not to get your that desire.

Now, how will you come to know that whether your reason is manifesting positive vibes or negative vibes?

The answer is simple, the type of your thought decides your thought’s vibrations.

If your thoughts are Like happiness, joy, help, gratitude, or enlightenment then your vibes will also be positive on the other hand if your thoughts are negative like, jealousy, hate, sorrow, or revenge then your vibes will also be negative.

If you are manifesting fame for negative reasons like mentioned above, then you either have to change them to positive ones or you have to drop your desire to manifest fame.

That’s right! If you want to manifest fame because you want to take revenge on someone then I don’t think that you will ever succeed.

Because you can manifest anything only if are in higher positive vibrations.

So, have a positive reason for which you want to manifest fame and then you will succeed.

Inshort: Have a positive intention behind manifesting fame.

3. Believe yourself

Do you know, I am 101% confident that you will be a famous personality soon but do you, yourself have that belief?

If Yes, then congratulations! my dear future famous personality. You have completed half of the path right here.

Whenever you are doubtful about yourself, then you are generating negative vibes about yourself.

Remember, ” You are what you think”

So, be very careful about making any opinions about yourself because you are your most valuable weapon, hence don’t criticize yourself.

Don’t say anything that brings your confidence down like “I’m so fatty“, “I’m so thin” or “I don’t have a good voice“.

Because all these things don’t matter anymore.

You can see the example in Charlie Chaplin and Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean).

If you want to manifest something then you should only think about your winning and don’t think anything about losing.

Make your brain believe that the situation in which you can fail to manifest fame is impossible.

You must have an unbelievable believe .

Inshort: Have an unbelievable belief in yourself, Don’t doubt yourself.

4. Visualize It

Visualization image

Visualization has always been one of the most important parts of the law of attraction.

It is something that can raise your vibration most perfectly.

“Imagination is a neurological reality that can impact our brains and bodies in ways that matter for our wellbeing,” said Tor Wager, director of the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at CU Boulder and co-senior author of the paper, published in the journal Neuron.

For making your subconscious mind believe that you already have achieved the fame you wanted, you have to visualize it like it’s true and happening in the present.

This is important because when you will feel it like real then by doing this you are sending the positive vibrations to the universe that indicates universe that you are very eager to get it. As a result, the universe finally greets you with that same thing in reality.

There are many ways to visualize.

You can directly Visualize it every day just before bed because at that time your subconscious mind is most active.

Visualize everything as deeply as you can. Like, how you would feel when you’ll be famous, how it would feel like when people would wish to meet you, which type of dress you will wear and which type of hairstyle you will keep. Take pictures of everything in your mind.

Another famous method for visualization is the 369 manifestation method in which you script your desire in a journal 3 times in the morning, 6 times in the afternoon and 9 times before bed.

So, you can also visualize it whenever you write it. It will be beneficial for you if you think that you may forget to visualize.

You can also use a vision board or Scripting method to visualization.

Inshort: Visualize yourself where you want yourself to be as if you already have reached there.

5. Be in the company of successful people

If you are with the people who discourage your dream of being famous then do you think that you will be in a positive vibe?

I don’t think so!

So, be in the company of people who directly or indirectly encourage you to be there where you want to be.

Like your family or people who already are famous.

Yes! you have to be in the company of people who are already famous.

I know you might be thinking that how you can be with famous personalities.


No worries, because here it doesn’t only mean that you have to be with them physically. You can also be connected with them virtually.

Like, you can watch their videos on youtube, you can follow them on social media or you can also read their biographies.

Know about them as much as you can, learn their habits and routine, how they react to situations and how they speak, etc.

Inshort : Be in the contact with people who motivates you to be there. You may connect with them physically or virtually.

6. Take Actions for It

Take actions

Taking action for it means working hard for achieving fame.

If you were searching here, how you can manifest fame overnight then you are at the wrong place.

Because manifestation doesn’t work like that.

It will not work like you just wakes up on a random morning and there is a bunch of media people standing out there for you.

Of course, You may find some articles teaching you like that but believe me it’s not gonna happen.

You can think by yourself that if achieving something would be that much easy using manifestation then the whole world would be doing this.

Yeah! In some cases, it may be true to manifest something overnight. Like when someday you sleep thinking that you have to wake up at 5 AM and you wake up around that time.

Or you can also manifest a message like that.

But those are very small things and don’t need much time because they are affected by many other things as well. Like, how much you believe in them, how often you things about that.

But here it takes time.

Manifestation is practiced to make your path easy.

When you try to manifest something, you are asking the universe for guidance and alignment

In a nutshell, ” universe can only show us the right path but that path can only be covered by us using our efforts.

So, work hard. Give your all possible efforts to achieve it.

You can manifest something only if you put both types of effort mental and physical.

So, just start doing hard work and rock!

Inshort : Manifestation is not a magic that will manifest your fame overnight but it is a process that can only make your path easier. So, work hard.

7. don’t think about the outcome

This means don’t be so impatient to get the results just after doing this manifestation process.

Think like you haven’t done anything and everything is normal like always.

Let me explain to you why this is important.

When you get impatient about the results then you create negative vibrations and you already know what does this means for the universe.

But how you are creating negative vibes?

That thinking isn’t making any negative vibes. But whenever you think about the results you cannot be positive about it every time.

Many times you will start doubting the process or may start doubting yourself for not getting the results.

So, the point here is we don’t have to think about the results at all. Just let it go and see the miracle.

Inshort : Don’t care about the results. Just keep working and don’t think whether this process will work or not.

8. Practice Affirmations

Affirmations are an amazing tool to impact our thinking and mindset positively. They can be very effective in many ways.

This is the most simple but most effective manifestation technique.

So, affirmation is nothing but simply telling yourself about how awesome you are.

For creating an effective affirmation you can follow the following four points:

  • Start your affirmations with “I” or “I am”
  • Affirmations Are Written in the Positive that Opposes the Negative
  • Include Emotions
  • Write in present tense

Some of the examples of effective affirmations are :

  • I am enjoying being famous
  • I have talents that made me famous
  • My honesty and punctuality made me famous
  • I attract fame
  • Life has blessed me with opportunities to be a great person
  • I have faith in my talents
  • I will always maintain the standards in life

You can find more here.

Inshort : Use positive affirmations to increase your positive vibes.

9. Enjoy the process

how to manifest fame : enjoy the process

Last but not the least step. Enjoy the whole journey of attracting fame.

Right now, you might be financially struggling or maybe you are not so satisfied with what life has given to you but life is still beautiful.

No matter what but you still can enjoy the sunshine on your face every morning, you can enjoy the soft winds touching your face.

So just enjoy it.

Life is something that always has an expiry date and the tag has been removed from it. So we don’t know when it can be expired.

I’m not scaring you. But I’m trying to tell you the uncertainty of life.

So why always waste it on working for future, have some break and enjoy it. Then the future will also be awesome because you are more in positive vibes.

Like once sir, Steve Jobs said:

“If you live each day as it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right.”

Steve Jobs

So, don’t only think that you will only enjoy your life when you will get the fame.

Enjoy the process of reaching there. Love it. Because it is more about the journey than the destination.

Inshort: In the race for a good future, don’t forget the present, it is awesome! so enjoy it.


In today’s world where there exists internet throughout the world, getting fame is not that tougher task as it was in previous times.

Now you can easily get famous on the internet if you have talent or skill.

But still, it is not that easy. You still have to work hard and align with the right energy.

For that, firstly you must know which type of fame you want. Like on social media or youtube or as an author or any other type.

Then you must know the reason behind why you want it.

You must have to believe that you can achieve it.

Imagine yourself as if you have achieved the fame you want

Be in the company of people who always encourages you to be there.

You can’t just manifest fame by sleeping day and night. You must have to work for it and manifestation can only align you with the right opportunity. Then you have to grab it by your efforts.

Don’t be so excited to get the results instantly. Just keep on working and don’t be overly worried about the results.
You can also use Affirmations to increase your positive vibe to attract fame.

In the end, don’t only seek fame but also enjoy the journey of reaching there because we never know the expiry date of life.

So, here we come to the end of this article. Now, apply all this in your life and do hard work as well. Give your all possible efforts to achieve your desire.

That’s it!

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Hey ! I hope you understood everything in a nice and easy manner .
I have tried my best to explain you everything in the easiest way . I hope you got what you were searching here for.
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Wish you Very good luck ! to manifest the fame , the future celebrity .

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