How to Manifest Something That You Want in 9 Easy Steps

What is Manifestation in Real Sense ?

Here Manifestation is simply the way to help us achieving something using our pattern of thoughts and the energy transformation between your thoughts and the universe .

I hope you might be knowing this definition already . So , there are some other things that I wants to mention here before learning ” How to Manifest something ” .
When we refers to Manifestation , it clearly doesn’t means that this is some magical trick that will directly produce anything in your hand that you wished by just applying some super easy techniques to Manifest something .

I’m not saying that Manifestation doesn’t work at all . Ofcourse it works but it can only help you to achieve what you want because without doing any work you Will not get anything . But if you do only hardwork and are not channelising your thoughts , then You will definitely be not going to achieve anything .

So , the simple formula is When you know properly that how to Manifest something that you want , then your path becomes very simple and easy . Because now you are getting guidence from the universe . That means When you know the art of Manifesting something then your hardwork becomes the easiest work for you .

9 Steps to Learn how to Manifest Something

I hope now you got the idea of what is Manifestation in real Sense . So , here is the 9 super easy steps to learn how to Manifest something :

  1. Understanding what you really want
  2. Ask the universe
  3. Feel the future
  4. Work to achieve
  5. Be kind and thankful for what you have
  6. Believe in the universe
  7. Keep the vibration up
  8. Be patient
  9. Be grateful in advance

Understanding What You Really Want

Understanding what you want is the most important step in Manifesting something . Because if you don’t know where you want to go , then how would you reach there . In addition , there is another aspect of understanding the goal in Manifestation . Because Manifestation needs visualization (we will talk about it in another section ) .

You have to understand your goal clearly because if you are not totally clear about your goal then you may Manifest something that you don’t really want . As Manifestation totally works on the concept of thought patterns , if your thoughts are not about your exact goal then how Will you get your exact goal .

As you came here to learn how to Manifest something , it is obvious that you know your goal clearly . Then Why I’m talking about it ? Let me answer your this question using a story .

A man works in a firm . The posts of that firm were divided into two categories , one is permanent and the other one is temporary . That man was on a temperory position .

He had no other earning thought than that . He was afraid that he can be fired from his job anytime and he don’t wanted to loose his job . That’s why he took a Manifestation course to Manifest his job security . After taking the course he always thought that now my boss will not fire me from the job . But he was always afraid about his job .

Shockingly one day he was fired from his job . He got angry on that Manifestation course and asked them to give him the refund . Those courses makers asked him the whole story and gave him is money back . Because they had understood that this person is not worth learning Manifestation .

You may have also guessed the reason behind the failure of the Manifest in that person’s case . Because though he was doing hardwork and Manifesting his job security but unknowingly he was Manifesting the condition of being fired from his job . He was thinking always about being fired but not about the condition that he is going to be a permanent employee there .

That’s the reason you should know your goal clearly and always ask the universe for the clear goal because universe understand only the language of vibration . So make the required vibrations .

Ask The Universe

Now I can consider that you have a very clear goal and you Know Very well that what you really want . So , the second step is to ask the universe about What you really want to Manifest in your life .

You may have clear goal but if you don’t know the right way to ask then everything is of no use . So you cannot leave it on the universe that universe will understand . Ofcourse universe will understand . But it will be nothing more than a guess . Then Why should We take risk when we can directly tell the universe about it .

The simplest way to ask is your thoughts . Think about what you want . Never thought about what you don’t want . Because you know universe works on vibration . Everything you says or think sends a signal to universe that you want that .

Other ways to ask is visualizations in which your visualize your goal .One more effective method to ask the universe is by 369 method in which you write your Affirmation on paper [ CHECK : know More about 369 method ] Another is vision board . One another simple method is affirming what you want . Or you can Also write a letter to universe . In this you simply write a normal letter to universe asking What you want and assuming that universe have read your letter . You can Also creative your own asking method that can generate positive vibration.

Feel the Future

Here comes another way of asking the universe what you want . When we comes to learn how to Manifest something , we always have the need to visualize the future or your goal .

This process is quite simple , when you goes to sleep just calm down at that time and take 3 deep breaths and focus on your breath . Then visualize that you have got what you always have wished for . Visualize your happiness after getting that goal . Visualize the feeling of that time . If your goal is any physical thing , then feel it touch it . Feel how it will be feel to touch it or how it is looking .

At that time completely submerge yourself into the future . Visualize so effectively that your own mind should think it twice that , is it reality . But I suggest you to not to think about anything about your present while visualizing . Just forgot the outer world and live your future for sometime like it is reality . This sends positive vibration for your desire to get that particular thing to the universe .


Work to Achieve

As I have said it before also that learning how to Manifest something doesn’t mean you will get it without any effort . You have to give your possible efforts to achieve something. Because universe only can show you your path and can make it clear but the journey can only be completed by you .

Let’s understand it with a story .

Once there was a flood in a Town and rescue team was rescuing everyone . In that flood that rescue team found a person stuck on his rooftop . So , they asked him to go with them but he refused . He told them that, ” universe will save me “.

After that a rescue boat found him and asked him to come with them . He refused again and said : ” I believe universe will help me ” . After that some resident of his neighbor tried to help him but he again refused to go with them and repeated his lines.

Water level increased more and that person went to top of his house . A helicopter rescue team saw him and asked him to come with them . He again denied and said : ” I believe universe will help me . “

Finally he died in that flood . He asked the universe that ” Why you haven’t came there to save me ?” “Who do you think sent those rescue person to you ” , universe replied .

Now you can understand that we have to give our all possible effort and universe will guide us directly or indirectly .

Be Kind And Thankful For What You Have

Being a kind person have two main benefits . Firstly , it gives you positive vibes and secondly it gives positive vibes to universe . Being thankful to what you have also give positive vibration. That shows universe that you are grateful For having all you have and deserves more better than this because you are creating more positive vibrations by doing so .


Believe In The Universe

You should have complete faith in universe and the process . As I have also said above that what you thinks become your reality . When you think doubtfully about the process this will become reality and universe will really not help you .

Doubting the process generates negative vibration about the process . And in universe’s language negative vibration about something means you don’t Want that thing. Then universe will definitely guide you to not to get what you want and your actions will do everything negatively. So believing in the universe and the process . For now Believe in the process of learning how to Manifest something .


Keep The Vibration Up

Now here nothing much remains to talk about keeping your vibration up because I have covered almost every topic about this before . But we can simply revise them here .

So universe only understand the language of vibration there are two types of vibration negative and positive .

Negative vibration means You are desiring to not get that thing and for universe positive vibration about something means you are desiring to get That thing. When universe get any signal from you about anything it response accordingly . So always keep the vibration positive to help universe understand what we want . In response universe will help you positively .

But the question arises , how to keep our vibration up ? Answer is simple , do something that makes you feel good and positive . Like forgiving someone is a antidote to negative vibration . Helping others while you know you will get nothing in return also generates positive vibration .

Be Patient

While Learning how to Manifest something , When we apply everything practically we get impatient . Because we human being want everything in seconds . But it’s not possible for sure . Inspite of helping us in achieving Something fast it increases time period of that desire to Complete .

Like That first story above , we are unknowingly asking the universe to not to fulfill our desires . When we get impatient , we many times think about the failure of the Manifesting process . So , have patient and do hardwork Until you get what you want.


Be Grateful In Advance

Are you still here ?

If yes ! Then that’s great ! Because at the last step to achieve what we want .

In This process we have to be grateful for even what we don’t have . In the sense we have to be grateful for what universe is going to give us in the future .

This Also works on the vibration principal . When we are grateful in advance then firstly you generates positive vibration and secondly you are visualizing the future and making your mind believe that you have got what you want . Then universe will get the same message and will help You to fulfill your burning desire .

Now you are all set to Manifest what you want . I believe that there is no question in mind like how to Manifest something or how to Manifest money or anything that you want . If there still such question then don’t hesitate to ask us .

Here , we have completed the topic ” how to Manifest something in 9 Easy steps ” . The only thing remained is to apply it in your life . Now go and apply all the 9 Steps to Manifest your dreams in the reality . If you have any doubt or any suggestion then feel free to comment below or contact us .

” Keep loving keep smiling ☺️ “

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