How to Manifest Your Dream Body Using 9 Secret Steps

Everybody believes that ” First impression is the last impression “ , but what if your first impression , that is your physical look is not good ?

There can be many types of lack in physical look and one of the most common is , not having a perfect body. Meaning , either you are excessive fatty or you are excessive thin .

We can achieve our perfect body with the combination of two types of efforts , physical effort and mental effort .

Physical efforts are very common like , gym , workout , supplements and many more . But mental efforts are somewhat special and fun .

Achieving something using mental effort is called manifestation .

But , how can you manifest weight loss or weight gain ?

Don’t worry ! Here , I’m going to tell that how to manifest your dream body using 9 easy steps .

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9 Steps To Manifest Your Dream Body

Here are those 9 most effective steps :

  1. Love your Present
  2. Find the Reason
  3. Believe in Yourself
  4. Visualize your Dream
  5. Enjoy the Process
  6. It’s not a Magic
  7. Set the Milestones
  8. Live With the Betters
  9. You are Getting Closer

Okay ! Without doing any further delay , let’s discuss all of these steps one by one .

1. Love your Present

Every manifestation teachnique works totally on vibrations .

If we are generating negative energy while doing any kind of manifestation then we cannot really manifest it .

This is one of the very common mistake while manifesting body change that , people hate their present body and then they expect to manifest a perfect body .

By doing this , we are actually generating negative vibes and as I have told you , ” you cannot manifest anything if you have negative thoughts in your mind while doing the manifestation process ” . [ CHECK : How to manifest positive vibes ]

Actually , we should always live in the present situation and should learn to be happy in the present .

This same thing is also said by sir Dale Carnegie in his famous book ” How to Stop Worrying and Start Living ” that , ” we should always live in the present because we cannot say that whether we even will be alive by tomorrow or not .

So , live in the present and be happy in it . Don’t hate your body that you have right now . If you want to manifest your dream body , firstly start loving your present body .

This doesn’t mean you don’t have to care about your future . I simply mean that you should not be tensed about the future but you must care about it .

Now , after understanding this concept , next step is to find the reason behind why you want to manifest your ideal body

2. Find the Reason

Do know why you want to manifest your ideal body ?

If not , then your must have to find that reason because you will not be able to manifest it if you don’t know it’s reason .

When we know the reason for manifesting something then our brain always gets motivated by thinking about that reason .

The reason is the key to Motivation for it . You yourself know that why you’ll do something that doesn’t makes a sense . So find the reason .

I know you must be having that reason already that’s, why you are here .

But is it a perfect reason ? And does your own brain knows that reason ?

If that reason is like , I want to manifest weight loss because I’ll be more prettier . Then this is a good reason but you have to add some emotions in it .

Our brain catches emotions very fast . Like if you add in it that you want to manifest it so that you can be more perfect for your partner then this adds up a emotion .

Now your subconscious mind will take it seriously . It will feel that yeah , it’s an essential thing then automatically it will work upon manifesting it .

Actually , your subconscious mind will not going to start working for your weight loss but it will generate the desired vibes . And that’s what we want .

The second thing is to let your brain know the reason.

You must be thinking that if we thinks something then our brain definitely knows it , then what is the need to let our brain know about it ?

You are right ! Your brain knows everything that you knows but does your subconscious mind knows it ? I will say , YES !

But only knows it like everything else you think . You have to let your subconscious mind know that it’s a very essential matter .

For doing so , you can use vision board or 369 method or any other method for law of attraction .

3. Believe in Yourself

Like everything else , you need to have a complete faith in yourself that , ” you can do it ” .

Ofcourse you really can do it and you know it yourself .

But , recall what I just said , you have to have a complete faith in yourself . So , don’t keep even a single doubt .

Many times you unknowingly breaks your believe .

Like whenever you say , ” I don’t want to be more fatty or I don’t want to be more thin “ . Then what you are really thinking about ?

Let me explain you this with a very interesting method called red elephant method .

If I say ; ” don’t think about the red Elephant

What you just did ? I had told you to not to think about the red Elephant but you does exactly opposite .

Even your intention was not to think about it but your brain firstly tried to understand the object and that’s why it imagined the red elephant .

The same happens when you think about something to not happen .

Apparently you wants it to not to happen that thing but in contrary your brain tries to manifest it .

So , don’t think even about something to not happen . Just think about what you want to be happen .

Believe in yourself that you will definitely be successful in manifesting your perfect dream body .
Don’t even think that you should not fail in this manifestaion .

Have a complete Faith in yourself .

4. Visualize your Dreams

How to manifest your dream body
Visualize Your Dreams

Consider this story;

There was a boy in a school and he was not good at studies .

He used to fail in all the subjects

Once he was failed in 3 subjects and was very afraid of his principal .

Because most of the time he was scolded for getting low marks .

Suddenly that principal called him . He was very afraid and thought that , he must be calling me to scold for the low marks . He was full of fear .

But when he went to the principal’s office the scenario was just opposite . Principal appreciated him for getting passed in 3 subjects and asked him to work more harder to pass in al the subjects .

Now think , that the whole situation in that boy’s mind was imaginary . But he was afraid same as when he would be really called for getting scolded

That means our mind cannot differentiate between a imaginary situation and a real situation .

So , visualization will help you to generate that desired vibe .

5. Enjoy the Process

Enjoying is the key to happiness . ” When you love your work you actually don’t do any work “ meaning , when you love what you are doing then you don’t feel that work like work .

It feels like enjoyment .

You cannot do something with full Energy until you don’t love it .

So , love the process . Enjoy it .

Enjoying something is a positive thing that creates positive vibrations .

I have told you in the starting that you cannot manifest something if you are generating negatives vibes while manifesting it. Opposite of this is also true .

When you generates positive Vibes while manifesting it then it is definitely going to increase the chances of manifesting it .

Don’t take it as a task or hardwork . Take it as a fun and it is really a fun . You just have to understand the right thing .

6. It’s Not a Magic

If you are thinking that manifestation is a magic and you will lose your weight overnight . Then my friend you are having a very big misconception .

It is impossible that you will be able to manifest your dream body by just lying on bed and doing nothing physically .

Manifestation doesn’t brings you something magically but it only makes your gaining process easy . It shows you the right path .

Universe can Only guide you to the rightest path but that path can only be covered by you .

Not only your desire , to get your ideal body but your any desire need both the physical and mental effort to be manifested .

If you do only one of them then you cannot achieve it .

Mental efforts can sometimes be applied unknowingly but physical efforts can’t .

You just helps yourself in getting your that particular desire by doing manifestation process . That’s it .

So , work hard and try to give your every possible efforts to achieve your dream body .

7. Set the Milestones

Now you know that you have to work physically as well to manifest your desired body .

To Make that physical work effective and perfect you must have to set the milestones.

Set some sort of target that you want to achieve in a particular span of time .

Here both the things are necessary . The milestone and the time limit .

Your brain expand the time period of completion of anything according to the possible time .

So , keep it as short as you can but keep a logical time limit that can be enough to achieve your goals .

When you have the goal and time limit then your brain will never get lazy .

It will put every possible effort to let you achieve your any of the goal .

You can set another goal and timing when you reach one .

Also keep records of your progress so that You can see the change and can be motivated by seeing it.

Setting goals will also help you to create the positive vibes for manifesting your dream body .

8. Live With the Betters

This means be in the company of those who are physically better than you .

I know it will always feel you inferior and that’s what i want .

Yeah ! When you’ll feel like inferior then you will work more harder to achieve it .

This will never let you forget about your goal .

Because you are in company of those who are fit , then you’ll many times remember your intention and will work harder .

There is a positive aspect as well , that you will always get motivated by seeing them .

You would imagine yourself fit when you’ll see them and that will create the desired vibes .

9. Your are Getting Close

Imagine as if you are getting more closer to your dream body .

If you are really getting the required results . Meaning when you are observing the physical change then that’s very good .

Keep it’s reacord and appreciate yourself .

By chance if you are not seeing any changes , still you have to see the changes .

Make your subconscious mind believe that you are manifesting the body change .

I have already told you that your subconscious mind cannot differentiate between imagination and reality .

So make it believe your imagination .

Always see the positive change , doesn’t matter you are really getting it or not because atlast you are definitely going to manifest your perfect body .

When you see the changes , appreciate yourself . Adore yourself in the mirror .

You can use law of attraction weight loss affirmations to make your subconscious mind believe the changes .

Are you still here ? If Yes then it’s great !

Now you know completely that how to manifest losing weight or gaining weight in just 9 steps .
The main thing is that you must believe the process and enjoy it.

Hey ! Here we comes to the end of this article . I’ve tried my best to explain you everything in a better and easy to understand way .
If you have any doubts regarding this article or any other thing , then let me know in the comments below . Also write how you felt to read the article ?
I hope you got what you were searching for . Wish you very good luck for your desire to achieve your dream body .

Keep Smiling , Keep Growing ! 🙂

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