How To Script Manifest [4 Tips To Get 73% Faster Results]

There are tons of manifestation techniques that can help you successfully manifest your dreams and desires.

But, you also have to accept the fact that every manifestation technique is not gonna work for you. The reason behind this is that we all have different habits and capability that blocks or clear our path to manifest something.

If none of the manifestation methods worked for you till now or you want to learn another manifestation technique that can work perfectly fine for you then you are at the very right place. Because today you are going to learn about an amazing method of manifestation called the “scripting manifestation method”.

You can use this method to literally manifest anything you want. You can manifest fame, house, money, love, success, or anything you want.

But before start learning how to script manifest let’s have a look at what does scripting manifestation mean?

What Is Scripting Manifestation?

Scripting manifestation is simply a manifestation technique based on the law of attraction in which you write anything you want in as much detail as you can and write as if you already have achieved them.

That’s it! as simple as that.

Why Scripting is So Effective?

Like any other Manifestation technique, here in the case of Scripting Manifestation, you don’t have to focus on any kind of desires.

This technique will be very useful for you if you feel it is very hard to focus on your desire for much time without getting distracted, as needed in the visualization method.

In the scripting manifestation method, you write your desire freely because the only rule of this manifestation technique is that it has no rule.

Also, unlike the 369 method, you don’t have to write the same thing again and again.

To start using scripting to manifest your future, simply pick up a pen, a notebook, or paper and start writing what you want as if you have achieved it.

But, even though the script manifestation method is that simple but still there are certain things that will help you to increase its efficiency and outcomes.

So, how to manifest through scripting to get the maximum results?

How to script manifest effectively using 4 rules

Here are the 4 things that you should keep in mind while practicing script manifestation.

If you want to jump directly to any of these three steps then click on it.

  1. Write “As if”
  2. Be descriptive
  3. Include stories
  4. Be grateful

Let’s discuss all of them one by one.

1. write “As if”

This means your script should always be in the present tense.

Like, if you want to manifest your dream house then you must script your desire as if you already own that house.

It can be somewhat like,

I am so happy now. Finally, I own the house that I always dreamed about. Thank you universe for attracting opportunities towards me to manifest my house. Now I feel completely fulfilled and joyful. I always deserve what I have because I worked hard for it. I am proud of everything I have done for myself. Thanks to myself and to the universe.

So, it was just a small example that showed you how you have to write your desires in the present tense and as if you already have manifested them in your life.

But don’t you think that we must know the logic behind scripting it in present?

Of course Yes! we must know the reason behind it because it makes us believe more in this method.

Well! let me tell you the reason behind it.

Firstly, answer me a question. How do we script our desire in a notebook or paper? I mean the psychological process behind it.

It is simple, we first decide what our desire is and then allow our brain to imagine anything it loves without any restrictions and finally jot them down on paper.

Isn’t it?

Even though this method’s name is scripting manifestation but scripting alone can’t manifest what we want if all the other things of the process are missing.

Here, the main reason behind writing down the manifestation is not just to write it down but to make your mind imagine each and every detail about your goal because that is something that increases your positive vibes for your goal.

And Imagination helps you increase your positive vibe because according to a famous piano study, our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between imagination and reality.

So, when you are imagining something then you are actually creating the same vibe as when you will really possess that thing.

Once Albert Einstein also stated:

Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you EVERYWHERE.

Albert Einstein

Inshort: Simply write down your manifestations as if you already have achieved them.

2. Be Detailed

Describe everything as deeply as you can.

This process is very easy to do because you just have to write whatever you love.

Though being descriptive is effective but don’t prefer quantity over quality. Quality matters more than quantity.

Of course, you may write 10 thousand words about something but it doesn’t mean it is gonna be manifested.

As I already have mentioned that writing what you want is not something that helps you manifest that thing but it is the imagination or visualization that you are experiencing while writing about that thing that makes this whole manifestation work for you.

So, don’t do it like, you are writing about your desire madly even not knowing anything about what you are writing just because of the sake of writing more words.

The point is you must enjoy and feel what you are writing but with that be descriptive as well.

The combination of these two things [quantity and quality] makes your script perfect and for achieving these two things together and easily there is nothing much to do.

Simply include the things that describe your goal deeply like,

  • Feelings that you’ll feel after achieving your goal
  • How it feels to use it, touch it, smell it
  • How your life will be impacted by this
  • How your emtions will be imapcted

Inshort: Write your desires in as much detail as you can but don’t do it forcefully.

3. Include Stories

Stories are something that is everywhere and influences our lives on a very vast scale.

Do you ever daydream? Be honest! It happens to all of us. One minute, you’re in math class. You’re learning about algebra or Geometry. The next thing you know, you’re imagining yourself off on an adventure. 

Maybe you’re hiking through the tallest mountain. Perhaps you’re off into outer space partying with aliens.

How to script manifest
Mountaineer Image

Imagination+story makes the most interesting combo. So, to make scripting manifestation fun you can also create stories related to your goal.

I know you are probably not a story writer but it doesn’t really matter.

Here, by story I don’t only mean that your story must have a character or villain or anything else. It can be anything of your imagination

The simple thing is that just start writing your script as if you are narrating it to someone and then leave everything to your imagination. That’s it!

But if you find it hard to create a story then you can simply script your goals without the story. But give it a try it will be an amazing experience.

But remember write your story in the present tense.

Inshort: If you can, add stories in your script because it will make this method more fun.

4. Be grateful

Being grateful is something that always helps us feel good. It is one of the high vibrational feelings that can raise up your vibrations positively.

You can be grateful in two ways or for two types of things :

  1. Be grateful for what you will get in the future
  2. Be grateful for what you have right now

1. Be Grateful For What You Will Get In The Future

If you are practicing scripting manifestation then you must believe that this process will definitely be going to work for you.

And because you have to believe it then you also have to thank the universe and yourself for what you will get in the future.

So, thank the universe as if you have successfully manifested what you are trying to manifest. As I also thanked the universe in the example that I have given above about manifesting your dream home.

2. Be Grateful For What You Have Right Now

As I always include in every article that in the race of manifesting a good future never forgot your present.

It is always beautiful no matter what.

Be grateful for what you already have because many out there don’t even have what you have right now.

So, enjoy every little moment of happiness and success you have in your life.

Inshort: Be grateful in advance for what you are going to get in the future also be grateful for what you have right now.

Use The Bouncing Ball Method

Bouncing ball method! what is it?🙄

When you use the combination of two or more powerful manifestation methods then you can manifest your goals really very fast.

One such combination of the scripting manifestation method and visualization method is called the bouncing ball method.

In the bouncing ball method, you script your goals in the morning just after you wake up and then read and visualize that script in the night just before bed.

By doing so your vibration to attract your goal increases and so does the success of your manifestation.

But why the name bouncing ball method?

It is because you can take this method as a continuously bouncing ball where when the ball touches the ground means to script your goals and when the ball is in the air after bouncing back means to visualize your script.

Bouncing ball method to script effectively

Scripting Method Example Template

Till now you know a lot of things about the scripting method but I don’t want it to become a mess because this all information can confuse you when you will try to apply them all in one go.

That’s why here I’m giving you the printable scripting example template from that you can use to write your manifestations easily and effectively.

Here it is:

Quick Summary

Now you know completely how to script manifest your any desire but if you want then you can also have a look at this summary of this article so that you can revise this article.

The scripting method is simply to write your desires as if you already have achieved them and this is effective because it feels more like doing fun than practicing a manifestation method.

You can make it more effective by using the 4 rules which say that write down your desires in deep detail as if you already have manifested them and you can garnish it by sprinkling a pinch of stories and gratitude on it.

By the way, I’m not a cook!😁

A sentence to remember these four points is; “I think as if detailed stories are great”

Lastly, use the bouncing ball method to increase your vibrations for your goal.

Commonly asked questions about scripting

Here are some of the most common questions and doubts regarding the scripting manifestation method:

Does the scripting method work?

The simple answer is of course, Yes!

I am so confident about it because I myself have used this technique many times and got the results successfully.

But sometimes it also does not work. Maybe because we do it in the wrong way or with negative intention or sometimes some things are not meant to be achieved at all.

Can you write different desires?

Of course YES! As I also have mentioned above that unlike the 369 manifestation method there is no need to repeat a single desire many times.

Here, you only have to write what you think and love about your future in detail.

Can I script by using my phone?

Yes! you can.

But try to write it by hand in a physical notebook or paper because when you write something with a pen, your brain has to be truly focused on what you are writing. That increases your vibrations for your desire.

You can read more benefits of writing by hand here.

What’s the best time to use the scripting manifestation method?

The best three timings to use this method are:

  1. Just after you wake up
  2. Just before you sleep
  3. Whenever you feel comfortable

What if i missed it someday?

There is absolutely no problem with it.

Even if someday you don’t want to write it intentionally because your mood is not so positive or because of any other reason then there is no problem with it. You can just skip that day.

How often should you script to manifest ?

In general, you can script once a day to manifest perfectly.

But, If you want then you can also script once in two days or even more. Again, script as many times that is perfect for you.

But keep in mind to not script more than once a day because that makes this whole process like a task that you don’t enjoy. So, don’t practice it more than once a day.

What to do with scrits after you manifested your desire?

In my opinion, keep them with you to keep a record to refer to past manifestations and to track your progress in manifestation.

Also, if you’ll keep them with you then they will always motivate you to achieve more amazing things in your life.

Here we come to the end of this article. I wish you a very very good luck to script manifest whatever you want in your life.

You may also watch this video to learn more:

I hope you got what you were searching for. I’ve tried my best to explain you everything in a easy to understand and clear way. If you still have any doubts regarding anything then feel free to comment below , if your doubt will be a reasonable one then I’ll add that too in this article’s FAQ’s .

Keep Smiling , Keep Growing 🙂
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