How To Script Manifest : The Best Technique To Manifest Your Dreams

How to script manifest
How to script manifest

Everybody have their own dreams because we all want some kind of improvement in our lives .

And there is nothing wrong in it . Even it is the necessity of the nature .

But only a few are able to manifest their dreams . But why only they are able to do so ?

The answer is simple , because they put both mental and physical efforts together .

Most of the people knows to put physical efforts but only a few are able to give mental efforts as well .

One of the best way for giving mental effort is , the law of attraction .

And to use the law of attraction , one of the best technique is ” Scripting Manifestation technique ” .

So , what is Scripting Manifestation ?

What is Scripting Manifestation ?

Scripting is simply a technique to use the law of attraction in which we can manifest our dream by writing everything about that dream but the condition is , we have to write as if we have already achieved it . Meaning , write your dream future in present tense .

Benefits of using Scripting for Manifestation

Like any other Manifestation technique , here in case of Scripting Manifestation you don’t have to focus on any kind of desires .

This technique will be very useful for you if you feels it very hard to focus on your desire for much time without getting distracted , as needed in visualization method .

If you don’t feel visualization hard even then don’t worry ! This method will work for you as well .

Because , in scripting you writes your desire freely . Also , unlike 369 method , you don’t have to write a same thing again and again .

In a nutshell , Scripting Manifestation is nothing but to write whatever you wants in the future . That’s it !

Manifestation scripting is so special because it gives the results most of the time . More accurately , it guarantees you to manifest whatever you want if you follow it exactly like it’s needed .

But , why I’m so confident that it works always ?

My answer is , because I myself have used this technique and I still use it .

I come to know about scripting in 2018 from a internet blog . Before that , I didn’t used to believe manifestation and all . Because like most of the people , I thought that it is something that guarantees us to manifest something without doing any kind of hard work . And that’s why I used to assume it fake.

But after reading that post I learned two main things . First , Manifestation isn’t any kind of magic that will manifest us anything without doing a work .
Because it can only helps us to get our goals and can align us with the right energy . But , lastly only we can achieve anything by our own efforts .

The second thing I learned from that blog is , manifestation really works .

So , I decided to give a try to scripting to manifest my desires . And exactly after 47 days of that I was stunned to see my first ever wish manifested through any kind of manifesting technique .

My wish was to get a promotion in a company .

At the next day after , completing all the official formalities I was sitting at the exactly same chair I wished for .

Even I just saw my previous year scripting journal and for my surprise , most of the things i wished for already have manifested .

Here is the most interesting part of manifestation scripting .

If you are here that’s also because of scripting because this day I’m going to script manifest a lot of visitors on my this blog post . And as a result you are here !

See , how powerful this method is .

Though I told you in the starting that scripting manifestation is nothing but to write your desire as if you already have achieved it . But there are certain rules that are like a readymade ledder for us and will tell us that how to script manifest in a more effective manner.

How to script manifest effectively using 5 rules

Here are those 5 rules :

  1. Get The Basics Ready
  2. Write ” As If “
  3. Repeat The Both Steps
  4. Don’t Shy To Be Detailed
  5. Be Grateful In Advance

Let’s discuss all of them one by one .

1. Get the basics ready

First of all , take a pen and a journal to write your desire .

The second thing is ofcourse a desire . I know you are here because you already have a desire . But I’m talking about the conditions for that desire .

Your that desire should be a positive one . If you have a negative desire like you want to ruin someone then I don’t think it will work .

Because this types of desire only possess negative vibes and we cannot manifest something if we don’t generate positive vibes for our that desire .

So , be sure to have a positive desire .

Another thing is , have a desire that can be achieved . I’m not saying that you have to know your limits because there are no limits of you .

But have a logical goal .

Because remember , the bigger your desire is the hard you have to work . Both mentally and physically .

So , Start from small goals and develop a confidence and faith in manifestation script .

Then , further you can move to big targets .

2. Write ” as if “

This is the most important part of scripting . Actually , it will be very difficult to manifest using scripting if you don’t apply this particular rule .

As I already have mentioned , this rule says , you have to write your desire as if you have already manifested it .

Like if you want to buy a car by the end of this year . Then feel as if you have already bought it and now you are writing your feelings .

You can understand it more clearly by this scripting manifestation example :

Scripting Manifestation Example to Buy a Car

Here is the scripting manifestation example to buy a car ;

Date : date of exactly one year later

Today I’m very much Happy and excited because I have successfully manifested my dream car . I’m really really very thankful to the universe and myself for helping me to get my dream car .
Today , after bringing my own car home , my whole family was full of joy and pride and because of that , this day is one of the best day of my life till now .

Today , we have celebrated a lot and had a good fun .

Tomorrow , I will be the new version of mine because I’ve done a great thing for myself and will work more harder than ever before .

Today I promise myself to keep improving myself everyday in some or other way .

Now , for today I have done enough and deserves a good sleep and rest that’s why I’m going to have a peaceful sleep for my brain and body .

So , it was an ideal example of scripting but you don’t have to copy it because in scripting , what you writes should come from your heart so that you can feel more connected to that script .

You simply have to write whatever comes in your mind about your desire .

When you write your desire , don’t care about anything just feel your dream future and believe as if you got it .

Don’t bound your brain to think in a specific manner . Write what your brain thinks freely and naturally .

3. Repeat the both steps

This means , repeat both the steps I’ve described you above .

Note here , I said repeat both the steps . Meaning , you can think of different goals everyday .

As I have mentioned above you don’t need to write the same thing or same phrase again and again .

Just make a simple routine and write it daily that how you are wishing your future to be at that time .

The best timings for a routine are either before bed or just after you wakes up .

But I personally feel the first option that is , just before bed is the best timing .

I have a reason for this . Because sir Joseph Murphy have said in his famous book ; “ The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind ” that our subconscious mind gets most activated while we sleeps but at that time we cannot imagine something at our own as we are sleeping that time .

So , according to him , the second timing when our subconscious mind remains most active is , just before bed .

And the whole manifestation works through our subconscious mind . That’s why it is the best timing .

There is no boundation , you can also set the routine for morning . It’s all up to you and your conditions .

It may be possible that , some day you don’t want to write , or your mood may be not good for writing then don’t worry ! Just skip that day .

Actually , it is not mandatory that you have to write it everyday . You can also write it at every alternate day .

Simply , make a routine of your own .

Remember , scripting works only if you write and do everything by heart and don’t do anything forcefully . This is applicable to even our normal life too.

So , do what you love , enjoy and be happy [ CHECK : How to Manifest Happiness ]

4. Don’t shy to be detailed

There are a lot of other manifestation techniques that teaches us to choose a affirmation and repeat it in some or other way . Because of that habit , we often shorten up our manifestation script too .

But let me make you clear that , here , there is no need to do so . because those manifestation techniques works on a totally different concept and here it works on visualization and law of attraction .

So , the more detailed you write your script , the more better it would be.

Also , don’t write it detailed forcefully . Just write it up as your brain says .

Actually , when you will start writing about your desire then you will understand that there is no need to force yourself for writing about it because that goal is our own desire and we want it from the core of our heart .

You already thinks much about that goal but you don’t ever noticed it and when you will start writing , you will feel no difficulties to write very detailed script . Even you have that much detail and thought about your that desire that sometimes you will feel that , ” am I writing it more than it is needed ? ” .

At that point , don’t stop yourself and answer your brain that the more detailed I will write the more I’m attracting it and then keep on writing .

Don’t write about something that you don’t really loves .

Like , if you don’t like studies then don’t write about being on the first rank in the class or in university .

If you write about it , it will have two drawbacks .

First , you will not be able to write much detail about it as you hates the process of being there on the first rank that is studies .

Secondly , as It is the universal truth that you cannot get something if you don’t work for it . Even manifestation will not be able to get it for you .

Okay ! When you will practice scripting for manifestation then what really happens is , in one side , you are attracting it through positive vibes and on the other side , you got the confidence that yes ! I will definitely get it because I’m attracting it towards me and then you starts working more harder for it

Hence , you gave both type of inputs ( mental and physical ) and that’s the thing your any desire needs .

5. Be grateful in advance

When I gave you the example of scripting manifestation for attracting a car , did you noticed that I wrote one line there , that is ; ” I’m really really very thankful to the universe and myself for helping me to get my dream car “

It has a very significant importance in scripting .

Every manifestation technique’s motive is to create positive vibes for our any desire .

Here , although we have created positive vibes through visualization and assuming it that we already have our that desire but if we also add gratitude there then it will definitely boost up the level of positivity .

Another benefit of doing this is , you are assuming it as you have it , so you are generation vibration for having it .

When you think of having it in the future , then you are attracting it in the future . And future never comes .

So , be grateful for what you are going to have in the future and also be grateful for what you have right now .

Quick Summary

Now you know completely that how to script manifest your any desire but if you want then you can also have a look at this summary of this article so that you can revise this whole scripting process .

So , scripting is a manifestation technique that we use to manifest our desire by writing our dream future assuming as if it already had happened to us .

You can make your manifestation process more effective by applying 5 rules in your scripting manifestation . Those rules can be easily remembered by the sentence ” Best Actors Revise Dialogues Greatly ” .

Where the meaning of the first letter of every word of this sentence is :

How to script manifest
scripting manifestation summary

Commonly asked questions

Here are some of the most common questions and doubts regarding Scripting manifestation .

Can you write different desires ?

Ofcourse YES ! As I also have mentioned above that unlike 369 manifestation method there is no need to repeat a single desire or affirmation many times .
Here , you only have to write what you thinks about your future in detail .

How often should you script to manifest ?

There is no as such rule of exact number of times repetition . It may vary upon your desire and your vantage .
Like , the greater your desire is , the more time it will required to achieve it .
But if we look for a general answer , then you may do it once a day or even less than that .

Can you script on your phone ?

Obviously YES ! because our motive is not to write our desire but to feel it as if we got it already . So , it doesn’t matter where you writes . You can write anywhere in PC , laptop , mobile , notebook , journal or in your daily diary .

Should you script everyday ?

It’s all up to you . You can also do it on alternate days or may be twice a day . This also depends upon your desire . If you want to achieve a big goal then do it more often .

What to do after Scripting manifestation ?

Once , your diary is filled then you may keep it or even throw it somewhere because our only motive was to assume as if we got it .

But I recommend you to keep your that manifestation script because it will be helpful for you to track your progress.

Also , once you will be able to manifest your desire , then it will work as a source of motivation to manifest even more bigger goals .

Here we comes to the end of this article . I wish you a very very good luck to script manifest whatever you want in your life .

You may also watch this video to learn more :

I hope you got what you were searching for . I’ve tried my best to explain you everything in a easy to understand and clear way . If you still have any doubts regarding anything then feel free to comment below , if your doubt will be a reasonable one then I’ll also add that in this article’s FAQ’s .

Keep Smiling , Keep Growing 🙂

So , what do you think , is this the best law of attraction technique ?

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