A 5-Step Manifestation Circle Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

The shape CIRCLE is the most special and most amazing geometric figure in the whole geometry. Because it has a special significance in the spiritual world.

Even circle also proves the importance of the number 9 in the 369 manifestation method. [ Check How? ]

Well! Before teaching anything about the manifestation circle, allow me some time to explain to you its spiritual significance.

Spiritual Significance of Circle

Like all other geometric shapes, the circle doesn’t have any edges or any beginning, or any end.

According to crystalclearintuition.com

A circle represents evolution as a process of transformation from death to birth, ending, and beginning, as a circle has no beginning and no end. In this sense, a circle represents eternity. In many customs and spiritual beliefs, a circle represents the Divine life-force or Spirit that keeps our reality in motion. It is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion, perfection and self fulfilment.  

A circle consists of many powers and holds an infinite amount of energy.

We can even see this in every natural energy source. Like, Sun or moon or stars. Our whole solar system is circular.

Also, our universe which governs everything in this world and which makes every manifestation technique work also in a circular shape.

And that is the reason for using the circle as a manifestation technique and energy source.

Finally, let’s learn how you can use the manifestation circle technique?

How do you do the manifestation circle method ?

For making it simpler to understand I have divided this technique into 5 simple steps.

Here they are :

  1. Be clear and specific
  2. Draw the circle
  3. Write the desire
  4. Use the 17 second rule
  5. Thank the universe

Let’s have a look at all of them one by one ;

1. Be Clear and specific

You might say that, if you are here then you already know what you want.

Well! I agree that you already know it. But how exactly?

Let’s say you desire to earn money.

Is it enough and specific data?

Not at all. Here money may mean 1$ or may mean 1000$.

So, be specific about what you want.

And knowing exactly what you want also matters.

So, don’t think about what you don’t want. Like, if you want to manifest a successful job interview then you may say that ” I don’t want to be disqualified in the interview “. But rather say it like, ” I have qualified for the interview “.

Let me explain to you the reason behind this.

If you say the first sentence then you are showing the lack of your desire and thinking more about being disqualified than being qualified in the interview. Thus creating the vibration of being disqualified.

As a result, you will end up attracting disqualification.

While in the second sentence you are showing the feel of being qualified.

Because of that creating the vibration to attract qualification in the interview. As a result, you will end up attracting it.

So, use the sentence which shows that you already have achieved your desire.

Write your desire in the present tense.

2. Draw the Circle

After knowing about your goal, the second step is to make the Ideal manifestation circle.

Now, what is an Ideal manifestation circle?

The first thing is to make a closed circle.

When I say a closed circle, this means the circle you are going to draw should not have any ending point or starting point.

It’s both ends should be joined to each other in an overlapping manner but should not be in a crossing manner.

The Ideal manifestation Circle
RIGHT and WRONG manifestation circle

The color you can use to draw the circle can be anything but BLACK.

The shape of the circle may differ a little. The shape doesn’t matter much but the only notable thing is, don’t cross the ends of the Circle.

Like, you can also make an oval shape.
First, try to make a clear CIRCLE but if you are unable to make it exact round then don’t worry you can leave it as it is if it’s completely closed.

Another thing here is, don’t make any edges in the circle.

It may sound weird that I’m using both CIRCLE and EDGES together.

But if you accidentally make an edge in a manifestation circle then redraw the circle.

Remember not to use any compass or anything like that, that can make a hole in the circle or can damage the circle.

That’s it! You’ve made the Ideal circle. Let’s move on to the third step.

3. Write the desire

Here comes the most interesting part of this technique, to finally script the desire inside the circle.

Writing the desire doesn’t have many compulsions.

But there are still some things that you should keep in mind while writing the desire.

Don’t Touch The Edges of The Circle With Words Inside It

While writing the desire inside the circle don’t touch the words to the edges of the circle.

When I was researching about this thing, I haven’t found any specific logic behind this that why the words should not touch the edges of the circle.

And look, we are not doing here anything like magic that doesn’t have any logic.

Everything that I’ve specified above has logic and significance in some or another way.

But here I haven’t found the logic. So, you can touch the edges of the circle but there is nothing much effort in not touching the words with the edges.

So, I leave this point up to you. Because it doesn’t make a difference in the output.

Write 1-3 Desires at A Time

Ideally, you should write only one desire at a time but if you have a lot of desires and very little time then you can move on to 2 or even 3 desires at a time but not more than three desires.

Why Not More Than 3 Desires ?

You should not write more than three because of a very simple reason that is, whenever we try to manifest something, at that time we generate the positive vibrations for that desire by focusing on it and thinking positively about it.

But when we will write more than three desires inside that manifestation circle then our mind will not be able to generate enough positive vibes for any of those desires.

Because our every thought and emotions have different energies that can affect the energy of other thoughts as well.

Like, if you go on a beautiful trip very angrily then chances are even though the trip or that place is beautiful still you will not enjoy it at the same level as when you would have there in a neutral mood.

That means that energies can contradict.

Write as few desires as you can in one circle.

So, our fourth step is to generate more positive vibes for our that desire.

4. use The 17 Second Rule

If you are new to manifestation then you might be thinking that what is the 17 second Rule?

It’s nothing but an amazing technique to use the law of attraction to attract whatever you want.

This 17-second rule also called Abraham Hick’s rule says that ;

Abraham hicks rule
The 17 Second Rule

You can also watch this Amazing video to understand Abraham Hick’s rule of 17 Second ;

The question arises, how we can use this technique while manifesting the circle of our desire?

So, what you have to do is, watch that manifestation circle every day and read your those desires somewhat similarly like, 369 manifestation method.

You don’t have to only read that desire but feel it and visualize it. Visualize everything about it. If it is a physical thing feel its touch, color, essence, and anything you can think about it.

Visualize everything like it’s happening in the reality. Make your subconscious mind believe that you already have achieved that desire.

Again here, the notable thing is, you have to divide that visualization into 4 parts of 17 seconds each. That makes up a total of 1 minute and 8 seconds that is 68 seconds and that’s what Abraham Hick’s rule asks us to do.

So, visualize your desire for 17 seconds each or more than that continuously 4 times.

Another thing is, repeat this 68-second visualization for the next 21 consecutive days.

Now, you have completed almost every step and the only remaining thing here is, you have to wait patiently. But don’t be overexcited to see the results just after one day.

But wait ..! aren’t we missing something?

YES ! you got it right. we are forgetting about thanking the universe.

5. Thank The Universe

Last but not the least step.

Thank the universe in advance for what you are going to get in the future.

Like, if you are manifesting 1000$ then thank the universe by saying like: “Dear universe thank you so much for manifesting me 1000$. I’m so happy today thank you !”

Practice this daily just after doing the previous step mentioned above.

Another thing is, after performing this whole manifestation technique, don’t think much about the results.

Live like you used to live before. Don’t be so impatient to mark the results and now work hard to achieve it. Because manifestation can only guide us to the right and simplest path but only we can cover it by ourselves.

We have to give our every possible effort to achieve that desire now let’s wait and let the universe do its work to help us achieve our goals.

Finally, let’s conclude this whole process.


Circles are always unique and powerful. Even in geometry.

That’s why we use circles for manifestation.

For using the Manifestation circle method, firstly have a clear goal or desire and frame it like you already have achieved it.

Then draw a circle that should be well closed, meaning, ends of the circle should not cross each other and the circle should not be damaged.

Write your desire inside the circle.

Visualize it every day for 4 times 17 seconds each for continuously 21 days.

At last thank the universe as if you already have achieved your desire or goal.

That’s it!

Here we come to the end of this article. Now you have learned the manifesting circle’s meaning and also how do you use it to achieve anything you want. Now, apply all this in practical life and enjoy your success.

Hey ! Are you still here ? If yes , then very very best of luck for achieving your goals and for all your life .
I have tried my best to explain you everything in a nicer and easiest way .
I hope you got what you were searching for .
If you have any doubts regarding manifestation circle or anything related to manifestation , feel free to comment below . Also write , what is your opinion about that concept of not touching the edges of the circle with words ?


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