How to use Manifestation circle to manifest Anything

The shape CIRCLE is the most special and most amazing geometric figure in the whole geometry . Because it has a special significance in the spiritual world .

Okay ! Before learning anything about manifestation circle , allow me your some precious time to explain you it’s spritual significance .

Like all other geometric shapes , circle doesn’t have any edges or any beginning or any end .

A circle represents evolution as a process of transformation from death to birth, ending, and beginning, as a circle has no beginning and no end. In this sense, a circle represents eternity. In many customs and spiritual beliefs, a circle represents the Divine life-force or Spirit that keeps our reality in motion. It is symbolic of vitality, wholeness, completion, and perfection.  

A circle consists and holds a lot of energy .

We can even see this in our every natural energy sources . Like , Sun or moon or stars . Our whole solar system is in a circular shape .

Also , our universe which governs everything in this world and which makes every manifestation technique work also in a circular shape .

And that is the reason for using the circle as a manifestation technique and energy source .

Finally , let’s learn that How do you do a manifestation circle method ?

5 simple Steps to use manifestation circle method

For minimizing the complexity of this method I have divided this method in 5 super simple steps .

Here they are :

  1. Be Clear On What You Want
  2. Making The Ideal Circle
  3. Either In The Circle Or Out The Circle
  4. Apply The 17 Second Rule
  5. Send It To The Universe

Let’s have a look at all of them one by one ;

1. Be Clear On What You Want

Like my every article , here also , I will strongly recommend you to firstly get clear about what you want .

And it’s so important that’s why I say it so often .

It’s not only about knowing what you want but also about what you don’t want .

Here , the purpose of knowing what you don’t want is , so that you should never again think about it .

When you manifest anything using any manifestation technique , it is not necessary that you will only manifest positive things or only what you want .
It may be possible that you may manifest something that even you don’t want to be manifested .

Even you might never come to know that , that negative thing is manifested by your ownself .

But how you can prevent manifesting the things that you don’t want ?

The answer is simple , don’t think about what you don’t want .

Don’t even think that ,” that particular thing should not happen to me “ because indirectly , you are manifesting it to happen .

The reason for this is , By doing like that you are actually thinking about that situation and for universe , if you think about something then you want it .

So , don’t think in any way about what you don’t want .

2. Making The Ideal Circle

After knowing about your goal , Second step is to make the Ideal manifestation circle .

Now , what is a Ideal manifestation circle ?

The first thing is to make a closed circle .

When I say a closed circle , this means the circle you are going to draw should not have any ending point or starting point .

It’s both ends should be joined to each other in a overlapping manner but should not be in a crossing manner .

The Ideal manifestation Circle
RIGHT and WRONG manifestation circle

The color you can use to make the circle can be anything but BLACK .

Don’t write more than three desires in one circle . ( We will talk more about this later )

The shape of the circle may differ a little . The shape doesn’t matter much but the only notable thing is , don’t cross the ends of the Circle .

Like , you can also make a oval like shape . I am not saying that you can also make a oval shape .
First , try to make a clear round CIRCLE but if you are unable to make it exact round then don’t worry you can leave it as it is if it’s completely closed .

Another thing here is , don’t make any edges in the circle .

It may sound weird that I’m using both CIRCLE and EDGES together .

But if you accidentally makes an edge in a manifestation circle then redraw the circle .

Ofcourse , you can use a pair of compass to draw the circle .

That’s it ! You’ve made the Ideal circle . Let’s move on to the third step .

3. Either In The Circle Or Out The Circle

This step can be correlated with the first step .

You have already decided what you exactly want , in the first step . This time find out what you don’t want while manifesting your desire circle .

It’s quite contradictory that , I’ve said just above that we don’t have to think about what we don’t want and now I’m asking you to think about them .

Yes , it’s contradictory but true . Because we must know about what we don’t want .

Understand this with the ” Red Elephant Technique “ .

If I say ; ” Don’t think about the red elephant
Just now , you’ve thought about the red elephant .

So , now we know that if we don’t want to think about something even then our brain firstly thinks about that thing atleast once so that it can come to know that about what it don’t have to think .

So , think about every possible negative thing that you may face while manifesting your desire .

After thinking about all those negative things , write them outside the circle that you have just drew in the second step .

Then write your atmost three desires inside that circle .

Why only three desires ?

Let me make you clear that you can write even one or two desires as well .

But not more than three because of a very simple reason that is , whenever we try to manifest something , at that time we generates the positive vibrations for that desire by focusing on it and thinking positive about it .

But when we will write more than three desires inside that manifestation circle then our mind will not be able to generate enough positive vibes for any of those desires .

So , write your atmost three desires inside the manifestation circle and write all the negative things outside the circle .

Like , if you have made the circle in a normal A4 size paper then you can write your desires inside the circle and write all the negative things at the possible farmost distances of the paper .

Although you can write three desires but try to write as less as you can so that your brain can focus more on one desire .

We are writing both negative and positive things , so that our subconscious mind can visualize that our desires are in a Energy Flow that is inside the circle . And our all the negative feelings outside the circle .

This shows us that our desires are protected inside a energy circle fully unaffected from our negative vibes .

So , our fourth step is to generate more positive vibes .

4. Apply The 17 Second Rule

If you are new to manifestation then you might be thinking that what is a 17 second Rule ?

It’s nothing but an amazing technique to use the law of attraction to attract whatever you want .

The question arises , how we can use this technique while manifesting circle of our desire ?

This 17 second rule also called as Abraham Hick’s rule says that ;

Abraham hicks rule
The 17 Second Rule

So , what you have to do is , watch your that manifestation circle everyday and read your those desires somewhat similarly like , 369 manifestation method .
Although in 369 method you don’t read it daily instead you write it daily .

You don’t have to only read that desire but feel it and vizualize it . Vizualize everything about it . If it is a physical thing feel it’s touch , color , ascense and anything you can think about it .

Vizualize everything like it’s happening in the reality . Make your subconscious mind believe that you already have achieve your that desire .

Again here , the notable thing is , you have to divide your that vizualization in 4 parts of 17 second each . That makes up total 1 minutes and 8 second that is 68 seconds and that’s what Abraham Hick’s rule asks us to do .

Another thing is , repeat this 68 second vizualization for the next 21 consecutive days .

Now , you have completed almost every step and the only remaining thing here is , you have to wait patiently . But don’t be overexcited to see the results just after one day .

Hence , we got our last step , which is to send our desire to the universe .

You can also watch this Amazing video to understand Abraham Hick’s rule of 17 Second ;

5. Send It To The Universe

After completing your manifestation circle and visualizing it for 21 days . Don’t keep that circle with you . Let it go .

Another thing I forgot to mention above is that , you don’t have to fold that piece of paper otherwise we may break the energy circle .

The best way to let it go is , you can incorporate it into nature using any way like , throw it into fresh flowing water or burn it into the fire or anything you can consider as mixing it with nature .

Consider it as if you have sent your desire to the universe .

Another thing is , after sending it to the universe , don’t think much about the results .

Live like you used to live before . Don’t be so impatient to mark the results and now work hard to achieve it . Because manifestation can only guide us to the right and simplest path but only we can cover it by ourselves .

We have gave our every possible efforts to achieve that desire now let’s wait and let the universe do it’s work to help us achieving our goals .

Here we comes to the end of this article . You have learned the manifesting circle’s meaning and also how do you do manifestation circle method to achieve anything you want . Now , apply all this practically and enjoy your success , my friend .

Hey ! Are you still here ? If yes , then very very best of luck for achieving your goals and for all your life .
I have tried my best to explain you everything in a nicer and easiest way .
I hope you got what you were searching for .
If you have any doubts regarding manifestation circle or anything related to manifestation , feel free to comment below . Also write , which step seems you the most interesting step ?


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