Vision Board Manifestation : Make Vision Board in 7 Steps

What is Vision Board Manifestation ?

Vision Board Manifestation is a technique of law of attraction to Manifest or Achieve Anything you want by seeing their visuals or vision board images everyday .

We all are Manifestating something even if someone don’t exactly know what Manifestation really is . But Manifestation is like a universal truth . It applies to everything . Like , Even if someone don’t know about gravity though it will work for him .

So , why we should not Manifest everything by our own ? When we Wants to Learn Manifestation we many times heard about vision board Manifestation . But what is vision board Manifestation ? And what is vison board ? [Learn to Manifest Anything ]

As I have told you before as well , that Manifestation with a vision board means to Manifest Anything by seeing that desire’s visuals .
Now , the question is , What is Vision Board ?

What is a Vison Board ?

Vision board is board or collage that contains the Visuals or even text of your deisre and goals.

How To Make A Vision Board For Manifestation ?

Vision Board Image
Vision Board Image

There is only single format to make your vision board though you can choose the different ways to make your vision board .
The simple format is , you have to make a collage of your desire’s related visuals in any way .

The ways to Manifest using vision board can be by different . Like ;

  • Directly drawing your desires
  • Making the vision board digitally
  • Making it on some vision board templates
  • You can also make your Manifestation board online .

7 Steps to Manifest What You Want By Vision Boards .

I have divided the whole process of manifesting Anything by vision board into 7 major steps . Let’s discuss them one by one .

  1. Have A Clear Vision
  2. Gathering Visuals
  3. Paste the Visuals on the Board
  4. Choosing the Right Place
  5. Check Your Vision Board more Often
  6. Don’t be Doubtful
  7. Learn more by time

These 7 Steps are discussed Below :

1. Have A Clear Vision

It’s very simple concept that , to do Vision Board Manifestation , the first steps is to have a clear picture of whatever you want.
You’ll Manifest what your vision says . So , understand what is your desire that you want to be completed .

If You will not be able to understand your desire , then you’ll Manifest something that you don’t even want to be happen.
Simplest way to understand what you want or what is your desire is to just think that you are allowed to achieve Anything , then what will give you the most happiness . Will it be a happiest feeling when you get it ? If yes ! It’s your desire .

2. Gathering Visuals

Second step is to collect the related Visuals . Why Visuals ? Okay let me explain you the importance of Visuals in Manifestation in special way .

If I say ; ” Think about red “ , Now it was the image of red color in your mind but not the spelling of the word ” red ” .

So , it proves everything that our brain better understand the language of Visuals in comparison with the words . That’s why we should use Visuals in our Manifestation board.

But , the question arises , how you can collect Visuals ?

How you can collect Visuals ?

You can collect Visuals in any way . You can draw them or click their pictures, surf on internet and print out the image and you can also write it .

But the mandatory thing is , only you should make your vision board . No one else can do it for you . Because if you do it by yourself only then you would be able to feel connected to your vision board . So , make it by yourself .

3. Paste the Visuals on the Board

After collecting the Visuals , you have to place them on your Manifestation board . You can directly paste them by glue or by notice board pin , depending upon the type of your vision board . I forgot to explain about types of Vision Board .

Vision Board can be anything that can contain images may be online or physical . I recommend you to use physical Vision Board as it gives more connected feeling . You can make the vision board on a simple board , on a journal , on a simple notebook , drawing book or simply on a notice Board . But the condition is , it should be visible to you whenever you want .

4. Choosing the Right Place

In the process of Vision Board Manifestation you should place or keep your vison board at such a place where it can be visible to you most often . It can be on your study table , living room , on the drawer or something that you use many times , maybe wallpaper of your mobile .

But , why should you keep your vision board at a place where you can see it more often ?
Because when you see it more often you thinks about it more often and imagine it in the future that release more positive vibes to the universe for your that desire . It helps Universe to help you in Completing your desire .

5. Check Your Vision Board more Often

As I have told you in the previous section that , why you should see your vision board many times .

The whole Vision Board Manifestation works upon the law of attraction . Because when you thinks about something many times your subconscious mind take it as reality . That’s what we want ! because if our brain thinks that something is real then we are manifesting that thing very powerfully to happen in the reality .

But , Why our brain cannot differentiate between imagination and reality ?
Obliviously I’m not a psychiatrist , so I don’t know the reason but I can prove my point

Let me describe you two conditions :

FIRST : If a child went out of his house and his parents were expecting him to come back by 9 O’clock . But he haven’t come back on time . His parents were tensed because they are afraid about the possibility of any tragedy . On the other hand their child is doing party with his friends .

SECOND : The same child went out and haven’t come back yet . But this time he was really in an accident and his parents are still tensed like before .

So , in both the cases his parents were tensed with the same intensity . But one situation was real but other one was imaginary .
That means our subconscious mind cannot differentiate between imagination and reality .

6. Don’t be Doubtful

You have to believe the whole Vision Board Manifestation process by heart . If you doubt the process then it creates negative vibration about that particular desire and for the whole Manifestation process as well .

So, it’s a mandatory step to not to doubt about the results . Actually you even should not be worried about the results . You just follow all the process and and see the miracle .

I’m not saying that Vision Board Manifestation is a magic . Definitely not ! If you are thinking that you’ll do nothing and just do the Manifestation process and will get everything . There are not much chance of happening so . Because if it is a magical trick , then everyone would start doing this leaving all their work .

Now , you may ask , Does vision board Manifestation really work ? Ofcourse Yes ! But it has it’s limits . Universe only can help you to achieve whatever you want . It can only make your path clear but only you can complete this journey by yourself.

You have to work but when you use any Manifestation Method then , it makes you work accordingly . Universe will guide you to take the actions that will bring you your goal easily .

7. Stay connected with your desire

Is it a weird heading ? Not really ! Let’s move on and understand the last step that how to Stay connected with your desire . To stay connected with your desire means to know more about it .

In this simple method you have to learn more about your desire by any way . You can search about it or read about it but the thing is you should always learn something about your desire . That makes you visualize more clearly .

Keep in mind , you don’t have to just see your vision board but you also have to visualize about your desire . Feel the feel : Feel how it will feel when you’ll get your desire . Feel it like it is happening in the present [ know the importance of visualizing in the present ]

Are you still here ? If Yes ! Then it’s great because now you have learned completely that how to Manifest your vision board by Vision board Manifestation process .

To understand more clearly you can watch this video here :

If You want some inspiration before starting this process then you can read these Vision Board Manifestation stories and example of some of the most famous personalities .

Vision Board Manifestation stories of some famous personalities

Name of the personalities :

  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Steve Harvey
  • Ellen DeGeneres
  • Beyonce
  • Katy Perry
  • Kellan Lutz
  • Jim Carrey

You can read these Vision Board Manifestation stories here .

I hope you loved the article . If you have any doubts regarding this process then let me Know in the comments below and also comment , form when you are going to start this Amazing process of Vision Board Manifestation . I’ve tried my best to explain you everything in a perfect and easy way . If Yes ! Then proudly share this article with others .

Keep loving, keep smiling

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