Manifest Happiness Using 7 Most Effective Ways

Before we move on to the ways to manifest happiness , firstly let’s have a basic idea about manifesting happiness .

I need not to tell you the definition of it because it’s not such a complicated thing .

The thing we must think of , before starting this is ; can you really manifest happiness ?

The answer is clearly Yes ! because like everything else in this world feeling of happiness is also a result of positive vibes [ CHECK : How to increase positive vibes ]

We know that positive vibrations can be created using our thoughts . Hence we can manifest happiness as well .

Actually everyone who is happy , had manifested that happiness . It doesn’t matter knowingly or unknowingly but law of attraction works for all .

Now , let’s see the ways to manifest happiness

7 Ways to manifest happiness

There are actually infinite number of ways for it but I personally found these 7 as the most easy to do and pleasurable .

Here they are :

  1. Meet Yourself
  2. Talk to the Nature
  3. Either Do what you Love or Love What You Do
  4. Happiness Attracts more Happiness
  5. Visualize as if You Have it
  6. Seek for the Positives
  7. Work to Achieve It

We will discuss all of them one by one .

1. Meet Yourself

Manifest happiness
Meet Yourself

When I’m saying ” Meet Yourself ” it means know yourself , talk to yourself and spend time with yourself .

When you are with yourself you will always feel very energetic and smiling on many small things .

But how you can be with yourself ? Answer is , just start talking to yourself . It may feel ridiculous but it really works and it’s really a fun .

When you talks to yourself , you are not caring about getting judged . This makes you talk openly about anything to yourself .

Obliviously , in this process you are going to smile a lot . When you smiles a lot by heart that is the real happiness .

So , my friend what are you waiting about ? Go and meet yourself . Oh ! I forgot , there are still 6 points remaining 😀 .

2. Talk to the Nature

By saying ” talk to the nature ” I doesn’t mean to talking to nature but I wanted to convey that ” be connected with the nature

Nature heals us the best . Whenever you feel like stressed or sad , explore the nature . We all are made up of energy and everything happening to us is also energy .

When we feels that our energy level is low then nature can easily give us a quick recharge .

You might have experienced this previously but I don’t know whether you have observed it or not that whenever we are stressed and goes to some natural place it quickly heals our stress .

Even if you plays with a puppy or a kitten or even a child it quickly boost up your level of energy for happiness .

So , explore some natural things and enjoy them .

3. Either Do what you Love or Love What You Do

I Know you might have heard this many times but how much of us really follow this ?

Most of the people who are doing 9-5 jobs hates their job . Do you think they would be able to manifest happiness .

Remember , if we have negativity , hate or jealousy then we cannot manifest a perfect happiness .

We are not even bounded here , that only we have to do the work that we love . If we are not able to do what we love then we should start loving what we do .

Let me make you clear that , it’s not only about a job . It can be even a small work like going on a walk .

There is nothing hard to enjoy what we are doing . There are always two sides of anything . You hate any work because you focus only on negative side but not on the positive one . We will discuss about this in later section .

4. Happiness Attracts more Happiness

I have told you above that , negativity will never let you manifest happiness . Opposite of this is also true . Positivity will always help you in manifesting happiness .

Even happiness is also positivity that’s why happiness attracts more happiness .

When you are in a happy mental state your brain gets filled with positivity , hope and enthusiasm .

You can understand it with this , when you achieve something very big and you were not knowing it , then suddenly someone come to you and tells you that you have achieved that thing .

At that exact instant , what happens to you ? How you reacts to it ? What are your physical responses ?

Your mind blows with happiness and joy . Many time we start jumping or even starts dancing .

Why this all happnes ? Because , happiness is a form of positive energy .

Though there are two sides of anything , if you are positive from your mind then you’ll always see the positive aspects and if you are negative with mind then you’ll only see the negative side .

So , try to be always happy . Even if you aren’t , still try to pretend like you are happy .
Say yourself ” I’m happy .”

5. Visualize as if You Have it

Visualization have it’s two benefits . Firstly , it help you manifest happiness . Secondly , it helps you to manifest anything you want . [ CHECK : How to manifest something ]

When you visualize your dreams , it gives your brain the feel that you have got it in the reality . Because of that you would be able to manifest positive energy for happiness .

But when you visualize , you have to remember that you don’t have to only visualize it like imagining it .

When we imagine something , we only thinks about that thing but when we visualize something we also make a make picture of it in our brain . In visualization , we imagine a situation like it’s happening in present .

Visualize it by feeling it . Feel everything of your that dream .

6. Seek for the Positives

As I have told you happiness attract more happiness . So we need to find the happiness before getting more happiness .

Always seek for the positive things . Even if something is apparently fully negative try to find out it’s positive side .

Once you’ll start seeking for positivity , your brain will decrease it’s focus from the negatives .

When we see the negative side of something then we are manifesting that same negative thing . So expect for the positive and search for the positive .

Most of the people are not happy because they never value what they have . They always want what they don’t have .

I’m not saying that you should never expect anything and get satisfied with only what you have . But I’m saying , you have to decide that grade . You have to differentiate between what is actually better than you and what is only a misconception .

Firstly , be thankful for what you have because many are praying for getting everything like you . This is how you have to think positively .

But don’t stop your progress by getting satisfied with only what you have but first , understand it that what is actually better than you and then work to achieve it .

7. Work to Achieve It

When you understand that what is really better than , that you have , then work hard to achieve it .

I have mentioned above that do what you love or love what you do then I told you to be clear about what is really better . If you have both these quality in your goals , then if you do work hard for it , then you are definitely going to enjoy that hard work a lot .

If you will enjoy that hard work then imagine how happy it will be when you will finally achieve that goal .

The quote , ” success is a journey not a destination ” is really very true .

Because success is a feeling of joy that you feel while working for your goal . You can only enjoy working for your goal only when your goal have those qualities that I have told you .

When you work for what you really want , then that gives you an amazing feeling of self satisfaction , joy and happiness .

So , choose your perfect goal and work for it and enjoy it .

Are you still here ? If Yes then that’s great !

Now you are all set to manifest the happiness . The only remaining thing is , apply all these things in practical . Wish you very very best of luck .

Hey ! I hope you got what you were searching for . I’ve tried my best to explain you everything in a easy to understand and short way . If you have any doubt regarding this article or about manifestation let me know in the comments below . Also comment how you have felt to read the article .


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