11 Proven Ways to Manifest Positive Vibes in Yourself

Have you ever met someone who looks so calm and optimistic in every situation , even in the most negative situation ?
Or someone who always looks stress free and laughing ?

I guess , Yes !
But what is the main thing that make them so different from others ?

Obliviously it’s not a god gift or any inborn talent because many have developed this skill after facing a lot of negative incidents and feelings .

Hence we got the conclusion that , everyone who is always happy in every situation have some special talent or habit .

But the curious part is , what is that talent and how we also can develop this in ourselves ?

The simple answer is , they have the ability to manifest positive vibes more than the negative vibes . This means , in order to achieve the mental peace and happiness you must know that how to create positive vibes .

Before we further dive into the ways to create positive vibes let’s have a brief look at what positive vibe is ?

What is Positive Vibe ?

In basic terms , positive vibrations are high-frequency thinking patterns, attitudes and emotions .

But is it enough ? In my opinion , No Way !

Here’s my definition , vibrations are the medium between us and universe to communicate about our desire , and positive vibration are the positive signals to the universe from us about any of our desire . That’s it !

Okay ! Now you got a good idea that , what does positive vibes mean . Finally , this is the time to discuss about the 11 ways to manifest positive vibes .

11 Effective Ways To Manifest Positive Vibes

There can be many ways and habits to create the positive vibes but I have filtered here 11 most effective and easy to do ways .

Here they are ;

  1. Smile More
  2. Practice Gratitude
  3. Use Positive Words
  4. Pay Attention to the Positives
  5. Be Kind to Yourself
  6. Make Yourself a Priority
  7. Give Compliments
  8. Live in the Moment
  9. Keep in Touch with Positive visuals
  10. Strengthen your Memory for Positive Information
  11. Let Yourself Think Negative

Let’s have a look at all of them one by one .

1. Smile More

How to Increase positive vibes
Smiling Image

Whenever you smile , did you ever felt low at that time ? Obliviously not . So , smile is the best remedy for feeling happy and creating positive vibes . Actually smiling is a remedy for many other problems as well .

Smiling is a good vibration creator but a fake smile isn’t . Like , when you smile it should not be a fake smile or just formality instead it should be a real smile by heart .

And we are not loosing anything if we smile . But I saw most of the people never smiles .

Here , one problem you can face is , you cannot smile by heart without a reason . It needs a reason to smile and to be happy .

The simple solution is , you should smile with yourself because you can express yourself with you more better than anyone else in this universe .

Begin with talking to yourself . Assume it like there are two versions of yourself and they talks to each other . If you talk to yourself then definitely you will start smiling many times on many things.

Next time whenever you see yourself in the mirror , just say ” Hey friend how are you ? “ Then your ownself will reply to you smiling and energetically ” all well …!! My friend “

Talking to yourself will also affect your personality positively because you’ll start knowing yourself more better .

One more thing , don’t take this as a work . Just ” Enjoy talking to yourself , you are really a nice person , go and meet that amazing personality . “

2. Practice Gratitude

Many researches and science centres have provided the data on how practicing gratitude can help you in many ways.

When you are grateful for something you have , then there are many benefits and of them two very important are here ;

Firstly , it increases your positive vibes and secondly , it increases the chances of getting that thing about which you are gratful about , even in more amount than previous .

As I have mentioned in many of my articles , that when you are gratful about something to the universe then it creates positive energy for your that desire to the universe .
For universe positive energy means you want that particular thing .

That’s why practicing gratitude will also help you in manifesting anything . [ CHECK: How to manifest something ]

Being grateful about something lifts up your vibrations because by doing so , you will feel more satisfied in your life and also you will feel more happiness and positive mood .

But remember gratitude isn’t just saying ” Thank You ! “ But it should be by heart . You should be thankful for every small thing you have . Like your health , wealth , relationship , thinking , mental fitness and many more .

3. Use Positive Words

Using positive words also generates positive vibes because when you speaks up something your conscious mind may not think about it but your subconscious mind always thinks about every single word you speak .

Naturally , when you thinks about something then you are creating some kind of energy . Either it is positive energy or negative energy it depends upon your thoughts and those thoughts depends upon the words you speak .

So , we can say every word you speak has certain energy level and if that word is positive then it will create positive vibrations and if it is negative then it will create negative vibrations .

While choosing any word to speak choose it carefully . It’s not a very time consuming task as seems when we think that we have to think about every word before we speak .

The fact is , our brain clearly knows that what are positive words and what are negative ones but till now we haven’t bother about negative and positive words that’s why we haven’t differentiated between them .

But if you will give some efforts then it will easily become your habit .

But what are positive words ?

They could be anything that gives you happiness and energetic feeling . Like , thank you , awesome , beautiful , great , good , nice , accepted , God bless you . [ Check out more ]

In starting you can also use affirmations to make the habit to choose and use positive words .

4. Pay Attention to the Positives

Paying attention to the positives will boost up your positive vibes because now you will only see the positive aspects of everything .

When you are optimistic about something , then you are actually manifesting it .

So , when you are manifesting something and surprisingly it really comes true then your happiness will automatically be boosted and that leads to raise in positive vibes .

One another thing is , when you try to pay attention to the positives then you are  also ignoring the negatives . Because of that your brain will only seek for positivity and will always expect the positives that will help you achieving a positive mental attitude .

5. Be Kind to Yourself

Be kind to yourself means don’t be like a parent who scold his children at every moment .

Like if you have made a mistake don’t take it seriously . Simply learn something from it and let it go .

Always forgive yourself and love yourself . Because your best friend is you yourself . No one in this world can understand you more better than yourself .

Be a friend of yourself .  When you feel yourself as a friend and help yourself when you feel low then you are making a good bonding with yourself .

If you are kind to yourself then the results will be shocking , you’ll feel a new zeal and energy in every new thing you will try .

6. Make Yourself a Priority

There’s a saying ;

If you have to save one family sacrifice one member , if you have to save one village sacrifice one family , if you have to save one country sacrifice one village and if you have to save your soul then sacrifice the country .

Don’t sacrifice yourself for anything else . In my opinion you are the most important person . So , make yourself your first priority .

Whenever you have two choices between yourself and something else , choose yourself . If yo do so , then you will feel important for yourself . You will realize that you cares about yourself .

Many people are not able to say no to anyone and because of that they unknowingly decreases their own self esteem .

The same thing had been told by sir Dale Carnegie in his famous book “ Stop worrying and start living ” .

7. Give compliments

Giving compliment has somewhat similar effects like practicing gratitude .

When you give someone a complement , always remember that it is not just saying some words but it should be really by heart .

Actually positive vibes are related to some inner energy that’s why we cannot create it if  we are fake from inside . We can never lie from ourselves

When you are appreciating someone that means you will always feel energetic . In my opinion we should appreciate everyone whenever we get a chance .

Because when we spread positive vibes then we are actually manifesting it and by giving someone a complement we are spreading the positiveness .

Imagine , if you are a government employee and your job is to serve some service to local people . You really work hard to serve them . At the end of the day you almost get exhausted but no one cares about it .

Though you are getting paid for it , still you will not be so happy in doing that job but one day one person come to you and says to you ” Hey ! We all are very thankful to you because you work hard to serve us and you are really a great person . May God bless you ! “

Can you imagine how peaceful it would be ? Only because of that one complement . So , it makes a lot of difference to everyone as well as you .

So , give complement and share happiness with everyone .

8. Live in the Moment

Living in the present moment just simplify your life . It makes it more arranged . It also reduces your stress and tension at a great extent .

Because when you live in the present you neither get tensed about the future nor you keep any guilt about the past . You only live the present .

When you live in the present , you are exactly living like a small child . Now , you can imagine that how peacefully a child spend it’s time . His only secret is to living only in the present .

Being like child means many important thing like , you are self satisfied , youl are stress-free and you are creating positive vibes and many more …

So , live in the present and enjoy your life my dear friend ! Just have a positive look at your life , look how awesome it is . Many are praying for a life like you . So , appreciate it .

9. Check the Positives Visuals

I have a fact for you that , our brain understand visuals more better than any other way . That’s why I have added this point .

Your mind will create positive vibes only when it get some positive input . And as I have said just above that our brain understand visual input as the best .

That gives us the conclusion that our brain need some positive visuals as a fuel to create positive vibrations .

But what kind of positive visuals will be the best ?

Below are some of the most effective Visuals ;

  • You can use videos as it always makes us understand everything in a better way .
  • You can also use photos or a vision board .
  • You may Read good books that gives you positive thinking , like power of positive thinking .
  • Even you can be in touch with someone who has a good positive mental attitude .
  • Or as I have said above , you can spend some time with a small child .

10. Strengthen your Memory for Positive Information

You might already be knowing that our mind remember everything we see , hear or think but not the conscious mind .

Our subconscious mind perform this miracle everyday . Because it remember everything it feels .

Here , the negative point is , it passes more negative things to the conscious mind than the positive ones .

But we must stop our brain from doing so . That only can be done if we strengthen our memory for only positive things . Then the negative things will automatically drop down .

But how we can strengthen our memory for positives ?

Don’t worry ! I’m here .

Next time whenever there is a negative thought in your mind immediately replace it with a positive one or I would recommend replace it with two positive thoughts .

If you do like this then you are actually shooting two aims by a single bullet . You are increasing the positive thoughts and on the other hand you are elemintaing the negative thought .

Use this method for atleast 91 days and replace your every negative thought with atleast one positive thought . After 91 days it will become your permanent habit . And by the time your all negative thought will be eliminated and you will be able to create positive vibes .

11. Let Yourself Think Negative

This really seems a very weird point . If we want to manifest positive vibes then why we should think negatively ? Why we should allow our mind to think negatively .

I have told you one way that is , be kind to yourself

Suppose if your brain is only thinking negatively and you are not able to take it on the positive path . Then what will you do ? Will you scold your brain , or will beat it ?

Ofcourse NO !

You cannot supress your brain . And you should not even try to do this . Be kind to yourself and be like friend .

Sometimes it may possible that your brain needs some negativity . It may sound strange but it is right . You can allow your brain to think negatively when it really needs it . The only condition is , it should not affect the outside world .

Like , if you are very angry to someone and that person really had made a mistake . Then you can think negatively because at that time your brain is at an hyper state and if you force it to be positive then it will be harmful .

Just keep in mind it should not affect anyone else because that will become a guilt when your brain will be back in the normal state .

When you allowed it to think negatively then it will be very helpful for your brain to calm down easily .

You will not be able to think positively in the hyper state . So , keep the strategies when you are in the normal state . This can only be done by practicing to control your brain .

Finally this will also help you a lot in boosting up your positive vibes .

Final Words

Hey my friend , are you still reading ?

If Yes then this is really great . Because now you are all set to manifest the positive vibes and to live a peaceful life . I wish you very very best of luck to Increase your positive vibrations . The only secret for positive vibes is you have to be happy , enjoy your life , help others , never get jelous and don’t make anything so complicated .

Human life is really beautiful and simple but only we have made it so difficult and complicated . Everything is simple . If you feel low anytime , just smile and say to yourself , “ Hey my friend everything is all right and this is happening because we deserve something great and great things need great sacrifices ” .

You should always appreciate yourself and actually you are really worth it . Even if you don’t consider yourself worthy though I always consider my readers worthy because atleast you are not wasting your time in the wrong things like most of the people .

You are here to improve yourself and that’s a great thing .

Want to Know more ? Check the video ;

Hey , I hope you loved the article . I tried my best to explain you best out of best . I also hope that you got what you were searching for . If you loved the article or have any doubt let me know in the comments below . Even if you felt something bad about the article then please help me to improve myself by commenting that negative point .


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